Complexity use overpowered 3-man boost on Nuke against FaZe

This has to be patched.

Image via Valve

The CS:GO “juggernaut” used a new boost on Nuke during a match against FaZe Clan at DreamHack Masters Winter Europe today. 

In the lower bracket semifinals of the event, Complexity had another trick up their sleeve against FaZe. The team used a three-man boost on Nuke that allowed the Terrorist side to view the Heaven position, which is usually only possible through direct entry into the A bombsite. 

In round 13, while Complexity was on the T-side, K0nfig and RUSH boosted Poizon on the railing next to the rooftop door. This allowed the AWPer to view into the skylight and peek into the Heaven position. 

This boost didn’t result in a kill for Complexity, but it did net them a tag on coldzera, who was taken down to just one HP. FaZe managed to win the round following a post-plant clutch from rain. 

This boost may be fixed by Valve considering the vast implications it has for the CT-side on Nuke. Players can no longer exit the Heaven position safely at the start of the round to protect the A bombsite. Otherwise, they risk being killed from this spot. 

There are several obstacles that obscure Poizon’s view, though. This could suggest that AWPing from this position is the only viable option, rather than boosting someone with a rifle or pistol. 

Historically, Valve has made quick work of some illegal boosts. In the DreamHack Winter 2014 quarterfinal between Fnatic and LDLC, olofmeister was boosted by his teammates from CT spawn, which gave him vision of almost every part of the map. This boost was later patched by Valve.