Report: Coldzera may not be playing with MIBR after next Valve Major

The Brazilian rifler is widely regarded as one of the best CS:GO players in the world.

Brazil’s greatest-ever Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trio is rumored to be splitting up later this year.

MIBR, which is comprised primarily of SK Gaming’s CS:GO roster, will reportedly be losing its star player Marcelo “coldzera” David after a string of consistently bad tournament performances, according to a report from French esports news site Flickshot. Coldzera’s departure will apparently occur after the conclusion of the upcoming FaceIt London Valve Major in September, due to the team already being guaranteed a spot in the tournament’s main event. After that, however, one of MIBR’s main assets may be gone.

The news of coldzera’s potential departure broke shortly after DBLTAP reported that MIBR is currently attempting to acquire Cloud9 rifler Tarik Celik ahead of the Valve Major. The team is reportedly eyeing the removal of Ricardo “boltz” Prass in favor of the North American player.

Coldzera becoming a free agent could have a major impact on the game’s competitive circuit, given his storied career and individual abilities in the game. At 23 years old, coldzera has been one of the game’s overall top performers for the past three years—winning a total of two Valve Majors and more than ten separate LAN events. His impact as a player has been integral to the team’s overall success—his own brand of positional play and firepower made him widely regarded as the best player in the game in 2016.

Leaving MIBR would also be the first time coldzera has competed without Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and Fernando “fer” Alvarenga since breaking into the competitive scene in 2015.

[Update 9/7 1:55pm CT]: MIBR told Dot Esports that it has “no comment” concerning the story.