Chinese CS:GO teams to play in LAN event in August

TYLOO will be the first well-known team to play in a LAN tournament since the coronavirus pandemic started in March.

Photo via StarLadder

Chinese CS:GO teams are set to be some of the first squads to play in a LAN event since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in March and made all tournaments switch to online play.

TYLOO, the biggest Chinese CS:GO organization, has been invited to attend a smaller local tournament in China along with Invictus and Let’s Quit, according to HLTV. The CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup is scheduled to take place between Aug. 4 and 9.

This announcement surprised the community since the Chinese General Administration of Sports canceled international sports events in the country for the rest of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But it appears that smaller domestic tournaments might still be allowed.

The CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup will be hosted by Vision Esports in WuXi, China in a “closed and separate villa,” according to the organizers. The tournament will feature six teams with players from mainland China. The three remaining slots will be filled by teams from a closed qualifier.

The Chinese LAN will use a round-robin best-of-one group stage and the playoffs will feature a double-elimination best-of-three bracket with the four best squads. The winner will earn aproximately $29,000 and the runners-up will win aproximately $5,700.

Only two CS:GO tournaments have been held on LAN since the coronavirus pandemic started, according to HLTV’s database. The Doritos Open took place in Stockholm, Sweden with local Swedish teams in June and the 1XeSport Challenge was held in Bangkok, Thailand with local Thay teams earlier this month. CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi will be the first LAN event with a well-known team like TYLOO.