CEVO Partners With MLG.tv

In a big move for the future of CS:GO, CEVO has partnered with MLG to broadcast their season exclusively on MLG.tv.

In a recent announcement by Major League Gaming, a partnership agreement for exclusive broadcasting rights between MLG.TV and CEVO has been completed. Season 7 of the CEVO Pro League has a prize pool of $135,000 and will also have its LAN Finals at the MLG arena, July 24-26.

CEVO was partnered with Twitch TV, but has made the decision to move platforms to the largest growing eSports broadcasting networks in the world, MLG.tv. This decision seems to be a partnership that will greatly benefit both companies.


With a growing CS:GO competitive viewership and an even faster growing broadcasting network, CEVO and MLG.tv may have just combined the right elements to create success in the booming eSports industry. The recent XGames Aspen tournament proved how successful these two companies can be, and just how well they enjoy working together.

In the recent press release, Adam Apicella exclaimed “we were impressed with CEVO’s operation of CS:GO during our historic X Games Aspen broadcast” and went on further to say how “excited” he was to be working with them again. This partnership seems to already be off to a good start. And that’s great news for the future of CS:GO and its fans.


For loyal CEVO viewers wondering what changes will occur, it won’t change much at all. The tournaments will still be streamed, just on MLG.tv. You can still create a profile like on Twitch and participate in the stream chat. It may take a little to get used to, but many people have made the transition to MLG.tv.

What are your feelings for this recent partnership? And what do you think it’ll mean for CS:GO’s future? For that discussion and more be sure to follow @ESNCS for all things CounterStrike.