Blatant CS:GO hacker receives swift and sweet karma for cheating

This CS:GO cheater proved that even hacking takes brains.

Image via Valve

The gaming community, like most communities, can be very divided on various topics. You can find the most broken, unoptimized, unplayable video game in existence and it’s a guarantee there will be someone defending it. Not that 2023 has had any poor video game launches or anything, we’re just saying. One thing that everyone in the gaming community agrees upon is that cheaters are simply the worst, which makes seeing a hacker get instantly punished by karma a most satisfying experience.

CS:GO is no stranger to cheaters. That’s actually a very soft expression. CS:GO is littered with cheaters. If you’re playing non-prime matchmaking, the odds are you will encounter a hacker sooner rather than later. Prime isn’t some holy ground where no hackers dwell, but it’s at least tolerable. In any case, Valve hasn’t found a magical solution to get rid of CS:GO hackers, which leads to lots of frustration for regular players. Very rarely do any positive emotions come out of facing a hacker, but when it happens, it’s sweeter than honey.

One such cathartic moment was caught on tape, to the bliss of anyone who ever suffered at the hands of hackers. In the clip, recorded via CS:GO Overwatch, The Suspect is seen using blatant wall hacks that let him know exactly where the opponent is. The Suspect is right underneath the enemy, he is carrying an AWP, so naturally, a couple of quick attempts at a wall bang through the ceiling ensue. Though the shots are right on point thanks to the wall hack, the ceiling wall proves too sturdy to be penetrated by the sniper. Time for plan B.

Wall bangs aren’t working, so The Suspect starts looking for a clear view. He draws further and further back, the opponent’s head is just about to pop over the ceiling, ready to be taken off by our cheating friend. There’s just one problem. He was so busy looking at the ceiling that he forgot about the floor, or the map he was on.

Vertigo could be a pain in the bottom if you don’t watch your step. It’s easy to fall off to your death if you’re not careful. We are inclined to feel bad for most players that get punished by Vertigo’s gravity. Needless to say, this particular gravitational intervention was not among those that made us feel bad. If Vertigo gives us one fallen cheater for every regular player’s fall, we’d gladly take that deal. It’s way too satisfying to see a CS:GO cheater get his due karma.

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