Astralis, Na’Vi, Heroic, and Mouz survive the group stage at DreamHack Masters Stockholm

Competition at the Swedish event is moving to the Ericsson Globe for the playoffs.

Four decider matches were played today at DreamHack Masters Stockholm, and the playoff picture is now set after the third day of the $250,000 event. 

Astralis, Natus Vincere, Heroic, and Mousesports emerged as the victors of today’s concluding matches of the group stage. Two games involving the world’s best teams, Astralis and Na’Vi, went to three maps, while the other two were close sweeps.

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TyLoo and Ghost gave Astralis and Na’Vi scares early on in their series, coincidentally with wins on map one Mirage. But the underdogs couldn’t capitalize on their 1-0 series leads, resulting in reverse sweeps in the latter two maps and their eliminations from the tournament. It’s no surprise that Astralis and Na’Vi won those matches because of their deep map pool. Astralis’ Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz and Na’Vi’s Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev also dropped their usually insane kill numbers, with 23 and 27 kills per map, respectively.

The matchup between Heroic and OpTic Gaming gave us the most unexpected result of the day, with close scorelines on Nuke and Train. Heroic ran away with the series after a small second half comeback on Nuke and a slippery map of Train, which they almost choked. Later on, Mouz swept HellRaisers in two fairly quick maps, Dust II and Mirage, to close out the final day of the group stage.

Group A

Astralis vs. TyLoo

  • TyLoo won Mirage 16-13
  • Astralis won Overpass 16-7
  • Astralis won Dust II 16-5

Group B

Natus Vincere vs. Ghost Gaming

  • Ghost won Mirage 16-11
  • Na’Vi won Nuke 16-12
  • Na’Vi won Inferno 16-6

Group C

Heroic vs. OpTic Gaming

  • Heroic won Nuke 16-12
  • Heroic won Train 16-13

Group D

Mousesports vs. HellRaisers

  • Mouz won Dust II 16-12
  • Mouz won Mirage 16-7

The quarterfinals of DreamHack Masters Stockholm will begin tomorrow at 5am CT, with hometown favorite Ninjas in Pyjamas taking on Heroic. Three more quarterfinal matches will follow, featuring MIBR vs. Astralis, FaZe Clan vs. Mouz, and North vs. Na’Vi.