Astralis defeat Evil Geniuses, advance to ECS season 8 grand finals

Who can stop Astralis from winning another trophy?

Photo via StarLadder

Astralis took down Evil Geniuses today in the ECS season 8 semifinals 2-1 and will now move on to the CS:GO tournament’s grand finals tomorrow.

It was a great display by both teams but especially for the Danes, who kept their cool in such a tense series. Astralis will face either Fnatic or Team Liquid, two top-four teams, in the grand finals tomorrow.

The series kicked off on EG’s pick, Inferno. But it was Astralis that dominated for most of the match and won by 16-8 after a superb CT-side. Nicolai “device” Reedtz has truly been a contender for the MVP title and top-fragged this map with 19 kills.

The Danes were on their way to have an incredible first half on their CT-side, but EG stepped up in the end to close the gap. The North Americans gained momentum in the second half after Tarik Celik and Ethan Arnold won a crucial eco round. EG won by 16-13 and tarik finished on top of the scoreboard with 26 kills.

Astralis had a great run on their T-side Overpass and won the first half by 10-5. They were even better once they switched to the CT-side. EG won only one round and it was due to Emil “Magisk” Reif not finding a defuse kit in time to disarm the C4. Although Astralis lost that one round, they won by 16-6 and Magisk was the top-fragger with 22 kills.

Astralis are on their way to winning two big LAN tournaments in a row after grabbing a win at IEM Beijing earlier in the month. The Danes are playing more consistently in this second part of the season and could stay comfortable as the number-one team in the world until next year.

Astralis will play the grand finals against Fnatic or Liquid tomorrow at 3pm CT.