All Riptide agents in CS:GO

Don't miss out on these exclusive agents.

Image via Valve

Operation Riptide, the latest operation in CS:GO, is giving fans the opportunity to unlock exciting new content to enjoy and unlock. Players can purchase the operation pass to unlock weekly missions that reward players with stars to unlock new cosmetic items and agents. 

For the first time, players can decide what they want to spend their stars on and have dozens of options. Players can purchase Operation Riptide cases, a patch, a sticker, and an Operation Riptide Surf shop sticker. There’s also the option to purchase skins from new collections or purchase one of the new agents. 

Operation Riptide features 21 unique agents ranging from Master to Distinguished. Players will need to grind to unlock the Master Agents since they cost 25 stars each. But they’re worth the price. The more expensive agents come with a unique backstory, further fleshing out CS:GO’s lore and atmosphere. The lower-tier agents have less unique traits and backstory, but they’re still fun cosmetic items. 

Here’s a list of all the Riptide agents in CS:GO

CT Master Agents – 25 stars

  • Chef d’Escadron Rouchard
  • Cmdr. Davida “Goggles” Fernandez
  • Cmdr. Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud

T Master Agents – 25 stars

  • Crasswater The Forgotten
  • ‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater
  • Vypa Sista of the Revolution

Superior Agents – 10 stars

  • Lieutenant Rex Krikey
  • Chem-Haz Capitaine
  • Bloody Darryl The Strapped
  • Elite Trapper Solman
  • Arno The Overgrown

Exceptional Agents – Seven stars

  • Col. Mangos Dabisi
  • Sous-Lieutenant Medic
  • Officer Jacques Beltram
  • Lieutenant ‘Tree Hugger’ Farlow
  • Trapper

Distinguished Agents – Five stars

  • Primeiro Tenente
  • Aspirant
  • D Squadron Officer
  • Mr. Muhlik
  • Trapper Aggressor