When do loadouts drop in Call of Duty: Warzone?

There are two freebies every game.

Image via Activision

Every Call of Duty: Warzone player needs to become well-versed in the loadout, or “loadie,” if they want to succeed and grab some wins.

Loadouts are key in Warzone. Equipping a loadout will add perks, your own weapons, and your own lethal and tactical equipment to your inventory, meaning that you won’t have to rely on ground loot to get kills.

You can buy a loadout at any Buy Station, but the price is high. Thankfully, if you’re running low on cash, there are occasions throughout matches when a free loadout will drop on the map. The game announcer will call it out and it will be marked on your map when it’s nearby.

Here’s when loadouts drop in every Warzone match.

When do free loadouts drop in Warzone?

Image via Activision

There are two free loadout drops per game and they always drop at around the same time.

The first free loadout drop comes about 10 to 15 seconds before the first circle closes. The second one drops later in the game, around 45 seconds before the fifth circle closes.

You’re always better off buying your own loadout drop, but for $10,000, the price can be steep. The free loadout drops are best for players struggling with cash or those who just returned from the Gulag and need a weapon fast. But be prepared to fight for it.