Velly flips the script on CDL altercation claims, says ‘aggressive’ caster assaulted him

The former CDL desk host gives his side of the story.

Screengrab via Call of Duty League

Former Call of Duty League desk host Loviel “Velly” Cardwell has responded to accusations that he was involved in an “intoxicated altercation” with two other members of the CDL broadcasting team after the recent CDL Major in New York.

In a brief Twitch stream yesterday, Velly called the original report by Dexerto, which he said painted him as a drunken aggressor and initially said the CDL had asked him to resign, “fake news” and “disgusting.” Velly claimed he was actually assaulted and threatened by an “aggressive” member of the CDL broadcast who “put his hands” on Velly, who had been having an argument with another CDL broadcaster Velly classified as a longtime friend.

CDL player Crimsix, who was a witness to the incident, also said Velly and an unnamed caster were having an “argument between friends” before a third caster attempted to mediate, which led to the third caster grabbing Velly’s arms and telling him to calm down. Crimsix claimed the incident escalated “over a supposed shove” he did not witness, and that the third caster attempting to mediate yelled at Velly and was ready to fight him because of the supposed shove.

Standy, another CDL player who witnessed the incident, said on July 24 the initial article was “sad” and made Velly look like an “evil villain.” Shortly thereafter, Velly tweeted that he is “not a scary black man and it’s embarrassing to be painted that way.”

Velly said he was not contacted about the incident and instead chose to abruptly resign without explanation rather than continue in a “hostile” work environment. He said he also will not be naming the person who allegedly assaulted and threatened him. He also said he is now without a talent agency and is in the process of moving out of his apartment, although he left the proverbial door open about returning to the CDL.

The CDL, which Velly says knows the identity of the talent involved, has not commented on the incident. The league simply tweeted on July 22 that it had accepted Velly’s resignation.