UMG Philadelphia: Day 2 Recap

It’s been a long day at UMG Philadelphia, with exciting action coming from all angles.

It’s been a long day at UMG Philadelphia, with exciting action coming from all angles. There have been major surprises in the form of the comedically-named “eGirl Slayers”, controversal Search & Destroy finishes, and inter-org rivalries when Curse LV faced Curse NY. Read on for a full re-cap of the days action!

#Quick Summary of Teams Still Alive

Championship Winners’ Bracket

– eGirl Slayers vs. Curse Las Vegas

– CompLexity vs. Strictly Business

Championship Losers’ Bracket

– OpTic Gaming vs. eLevaTe

– Team EnVyUs vs. Team Kaliber

– JusTus vs. JuKeD

– FaZe vs. Team Bati

#Championship Bracket Recap

Complexity Beat aDv, Face Off with FaZe in a Legendary Series

There is no denying in anyones minds the team that many expected to win this tournament. Armed with their newest addition, Karma, CompLexity battled it out against loser bracket winners KG Adversity.

CompLexity started strong in the first map, Domination on Freight, with Aches going on an impressive 13 streak before he was shut down. CompLexity dominated the first half, and while Adversity tried to rush flags during the second half, it failed. CompLexity won, 166-147.

So began the reign of CompLexity? Not quite. Cockiness got the better of CompLexity in the second game though, as they failed to secure a win on Search and Destroy Warhawk. They lost 6-3. Sender aDv put up a huge 13-3 score.

CompLexity showed more composure on Octane Blitz, with both teams frantically running for caps and ignoring defence. It was 6-5 to aDv in the first 3 minutes of the game. Karma gets a key kill towards the end of the match that allowed CompLexity to score back to back caps, eventually winning the map 14-9.

Now fired up and keen to finish the match, CompLexity stormed to victory on Strikezone Domination. CoL had complete control of the map and prevented Adversity from making any smart moves. The game finished 167-139 in CompLexity’s favor, putting them through 3-1.

aDv would drop into Losers’ Bracket for a matchup with OpTic Gaming.

coL would then go on to play FaZe in Round 2 of Championship Winners’ Bracket in one of the most exciting series in UMG history. FaZe had been awaiting coL since winning their first match yesterday.

The first game ended with a 1-point victory by FaZe on Freight Domination, followed up by a 6-1 showing dominated by FaZe, putting coL into a 2-0 hole.

What followed next was pure magic.

In a game of Warhawk Blitz filled with last-second defensive stands and incredible standoffs, the teams went to overtime, tied at 7. First team to three caps wins.

In the overtime, coL got two quick caps and looked poised to win until FaZe got two caps of their own, tying it at 2-2. TeePee, the OBJ master, would slide in victoriously to keep coL alive.

FaZe jumped out to a 14-point lead on side one of Sovereign Domination in Game 4, but CompLexity refused to quit, coming back to win big by 25 on the second side and force a decisive Game 5.

Game 5 was S&D on Octane, and much like the series itself, it was a back and forth affair. FaZe jumped out to a 3-1 lead, only to have coL come back and take a 4-3 lead led by Crimsix’s insane slaying ability.

FaZe would then take the lead 5-4, going toe to toe with the best team in the world, only to lose the next round and force a decisive Round 11.

Replays would start off the round on offense by picking off TeePee with a sniper before planting the bomb, when coL would come alive and decimate FaZe to finish their comeback from down 0-2 and continue on in the Winners’ Bracket.

FaZe moves on to Losers’ Bracket tomorrow where they will face off against Team Bati.

OpTic Gaming Still Alive in Losers’ Bracket, will face Elevate

OpTic Gaming was able to stay alive with a huge victory over KG.Adversity as the last match of the night. aDv played strong, forcing OpTic to Game 4 but the Green Wall was too strong.

OpTic jumped out to a 2-0 lead with a 30 point win on Octane Domination and a 6-3 victory on Freight S&D, led by no one as it was a true team effort all the way through.

aDv came back to win an intense match of Blitz on Warhawk, pushing OpTic into overtime before sealing the deal 3-1 in the OT.

OpTic would close out aDv on the next map, Sovereign Domination, to push their way into a matchup against eLevaTe on Sunday.

Curse LV Top-6, Curse NY Out, eLv still in it

It was always going to be a heated match when the two Curse teams faced off against each other and they didn’t disappoint. Both teams played exceptionally well, with NY taking an early lead but LV waking up and responding with brute force.

We started the action on Freight Domination, and after just a few minutes it was evident that NY were the more focused team, getting 6 caps between them while LV had just 1.The final score was 156-147 in favor of NY. Warhawk Search and Destroy was the home of our second map, where LV eventually took the final round (11) and the map with a final kill from Killa who had a strong game.

We then moved to Blitz on Octane. Killa got an early cap, and the audience were treated to one of his trademark “Woo’s!” as he capped the base to score a point for LV. NY made a vital cap in the final 20 seconds to win the game 6-5. LV fought back on Strikezone Domination, winning 156-147 with an impressive 3-piece by MiRx at the end of the game. This brought the map standings to 2-2.

The final deciding match was Search and Destroy on Sovereign. While NY put up a valiant effort, BIfire in particular playing well, it was LV who came out on top winning 6-3. They won the match and advanced to Round 2 of the Winners Bracket.

CurseNY then went on to play against Team Bati off-stream, where their tournament would come to an end with a 3-1 defeat at the hands of TJHaly and co.

In a another match played off-stream, Curse LV won a hard-fought affair against eLevaTe in 5 games, securing their place in the Top-6 of UMG Philly.

eLv await OpTic Gaming on Sunday.

eGirl Slayers Top-6, Team Kaliber Still Alive, Justus in Losers’

The now notoriously known “eGirl Slayers” have been a major surprise in the tournament so far, battling their way through the losers bracket and eventually being drawn against the mighty Team Kaliber. While tK were rightfully expected to win this with ease, eGirl Slayers had a surprise in store for tK.

Freight Domination was home to our first match, and tK were fully expected to do well here. However, EGS were just too strong. Mochilla had a strong first half, going 22-9. EGS eventually finished up 178-141.

The second map was Warhawk SnD, and while Team Kaliber initially started strong, EGS once again proved they aren’t to be taken lightly and brought it back, winning 6-5.

Our third stop on this exciting tour was Blitz on Octane. tK finally showed signs of fight and fire in their belly as they dominated both halves of Blitz. Sharp was a standout player here, putting down impressive numbers on the scoreboard (17-8-4).

The match eventually finished 11-8 in favor of tK. Their excitement didn’t last long however, as they struggled in the final map, Strikezone Domination. ESG showed great teamwork, and were constantly keeping tK on their toes. Mochila once again impresses in the first half, going 16-8-2.

It was ESG who came out on top after a relatively even second half, winning 155-121 and taking the series. Team Kaliber moved to the losers bracket, much to the shock of fans.

eGirl Slayers would go on to shock Justus in a match played off-stream 3-1, punching their ticket into the Top-6 and a matchup against Curse LV tomorrow. Justus got pushed to Losers’ bracket where they will face JuKeD.

Meanwhile tK began their run in the Losers Bracket, where they would defeat KG.Fuse and set up a huge matchup tomorrow morning against EnVyUs.

EnVyUs Deny Denial & Lose to sB, JuKeD Top-12

Denial worked their way to the championship bracket after defeating Epiphany, VexX.Revenge and FeaR. Denial vs nV was never going to be an easy match to predict though, both teams played well in the tournament so far and so the outcome could have gone either way in many fans eyes.

The action began on Freight Octane, with Denial looking in control from the start. John had a very good game, finishing up on 19-9, and Denial took the game 197-105 with a healthy point lead. We then moved to Hawhawk SnD where the action went all the way up to round 9. Phizzurp had a steller game, finishing on 11-4. Flawless also has a successful game. Denial eventually secure the win, 6-3.

Octane Blitz was up next, and both teams battled down to the very last seconds of the second half to bring the score to 9-9. Goonjar played well (23-17-3) and nV won the game 10-9. Strikezone Domination was the fourth map played, both rounds proved to be close-knit, with only a few points between the two teams. nV were on a determined comeback though, and eventually secured the map 154-147. This bought the standings to 2-2 after nV’s impressive comeback.

It was high drama on the final map, Search and Destroy on Octane, with both teams winning rounds until we ended up on Round 11. The decider.

It started well for nV, with Merk getting the early plant having had an incredible game so far. He was taken out by Flawless. The drama came when Flawless attempted to defuse the bomb with miliseconds left on the clock.

The bar turned blue, registering a defuse…Yet the bomb exploded. Killing him, and giving nV the map and game win. This cost Denial the match and sent them down into the losers bracket, while nV went on to face Strictly Business.

Denial would go on to be eliminated by JuKeD in a match marked by solid play from Phizzurp, who just couldn’t do enough to carry his team to victory. JuKeD, the pick-up team of Mboze, Spacely, Saint and Sin, look strong going into Sunday after closing out Denial 3-1.

Meanwhile, EnVyUs played an intense match vs. sB off-stream, with screams being heard from the other side of the venue. Sadly for the Boys in Blue, they would get knocked into the Losers’ Bracket by sB who punched their ticket into the Top-6 with their victory.

EnVyUs awaits Team Kaliber in a huge matchup for Sunday.

#Open Bracket

Orbit eliminated

While EU’s only hopes rested on Orbit’s (Jake, Joshh, LXT & VintaGe) shoulders, they didn’t disappoint yesterday. They met their match today however, in the form of the eGirl Slayers. Orbit were left defeated when EGS took the Domination and Blitz maps to win 2-1 and send the UK team home.

FeaR meet their match

FeaR have had a tough couple of days. They were knocked into the losers bracket by Denial eSports, and after defeating “Whats Their Name”, found themselves up against KG Adversity. Despite putting up an admirable fight, winning the first round of Domination, they were bested 2-0 and eliminated.

VexX.Revenge Sent Home

A surprisingly strong team early on, Revenge showed promise yesterday. However, they were pitted against Denial eSports in Round 6 of the Open Bracket, where they lost 3-1 to the much stronger team. Down in the losers bracket, they didn’t fare much better being pitted against eGirl Slayers who put an end to their tournament with a 3-2 victory.

Wild.Isolation sent back to the Jungle

Wild.Isolation fought well in the Open Bracket taking out Sigma eSports, and Conquer.CoD. They faced a challenge however when they were put against one of the two heavyweight Curse teams, Curse.NY. Curse K’O’d WI with a 3-0 uppercut which sent them down to the losers bracket. They were pitted against KG Adversity, and after a defiant effort, they were defeated 3-2.

Editor’s Note

This article was written and edited at 2am after a 17-hour work day of coverage. Any information missed will be added in the morning.