Traditional mini-map reportedly found in Xbox Modern Warfare 2 beta

The mini-map has divided the community.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty players have reportedly found a working classic mini-map in the Xbox version of the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

As reported by Insider Gaming, an Xbox player found a way to change the mini-map in the MW2 beta, forcing it to show enemies when they fire an unsilenced weapon. This is the way mini-maps typically work in Call of Duty games, and some fans would prefer this style instead of the currently available version. 

Call of Duty fans have made it clear that they want “traditional” mini-maps to return in Modern Warfare 2. But the mini-map in the MW2 beta doesn’t show enemies on the map when they fire a weapon, and a red dot only appears when a friendly UAV is active. 

Infinity Ward explained in a blog post that this design choice is meant to “not punish players for firing their weapons” and to force players to “actively search out the origin of a gunshot.” The developers also explained they will continue gathering feedback on the topic. But the same sentiment was around during Modern Warfare 2019 and the mini-map was never changed.

The traditional mini-map was also reportedly included in earlier versions of MW2 but was later removed. It’s unclear if Infinity Ward will consider adding this option to MW2 when it’s released or if the devs will stick with the current mini-map.

Modern Warfare 2 releases on Oct. 28.