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The 10 most successful organizations from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Which teams earned the most prize money during the 2016-17 IW season?
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With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare now in the rear-view mirror, we can look back to see which teams were the most successful throughout the past season.

The teams on this list are ranked based on how much money they won at major LAN events during the Call of Duty World League Infinite Warfare season, according to CoD EsportsWikis. Earnings from online tournaments—such as MLG 2Ks—were not included in these calculations.

Additionally, the monetary values represent how much money an organization won in Infinite Warfare without taking roster changes into consideration. FaZe Clan's earnings, for example, reflect the total amount of prize money won by the organization with both James "Clayster" Eubanks and Peirce "Gunless" Hillman.

Here are the 10 most successful organizations in terms of LAN prize money won throughout the Infinite Warfare season.

10) Cloud9 - $80,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/100/photos/496#14)

Cloud9 made 30 percent of its earnings at the first event of the year—taking home $24,000 from its second-place finish at the CWL Las Vegas Open in December 2016. The organization battled inconsistency throughout the rest of the season, but C9 earned an additional $16,000 from its fourth-place finish at the CWL Anaheim Open in June. The other half of C9's $80,000 winnings came from participation in both stages of the CWL Global Pro League, as well as a top 16 finish at CoD Champs 2017.

9) Enigma6 - $90,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/100/photos/505#27)

Almost all of Enigma6's prize money was earned in the latter half of the Infinite Warfare season. Top six placings in Stage One of the CWL GPL and at CWL Anaheim saw E6 earn $40,500 combined. Enigma6 also took home $22,500 from a top eight finish at Stage Two of the CWL GPL, as well as $25,000 after placing top 12 at CoD Champs 2017.

8) Epsilon Esports - $116,500

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/98/photos/516#68)

Much like Enigma6, this organization flourished towards the end of Infinite Warfare. Epsilon's success began with a first-place finish at the European-only CWL Birmingham Open in April, where the team secured $20,000. This European organization's biggest payday came from a $32,000 third-place finish at CWL Anaheim. Epsilon also earned $10,000 for winning the European-only CWL Sheffield Open in June, $25,000 for participating in both stages of the CWL GPL, and $25,000 for a top 12 performance at CoD Champs 2017.

7) Rise Nation - $161,000

Photo via [CWL](https://www.callofduty.com/esports/story/2016-12/mlg-las-vegas-championship-sunday-recap)

Rise Nation got off to a hot start by securing $40,000 after winning CWL Las Vegas—the first major LAN event of the Infinite Warfare season. After Rise earned $16,000 from a third-place finish at the CWL Paris Open in February, the organization struggled until the final event of the year. But when it mattered most, Rise stepped up to the plate. Just under half of Rise's total winnings during Infinite Warfare came from CoD Champs 2017, where the team earned $80,000 after coming in fourth.

6) FaZe Clan - $268,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/101/photos/530#54)

FaZe Clan had several top placings throughout Infinite Warfare, with five top three finishes—including the team's $8,000 championship at the PlayStation Experience Invitational in December 2016. The organization made over 30 percent of its total earnings at Stage One of the CWL GPL, where FaZe came in third and secured $92,500. Aside from a slight hiccup at CWL Anaheim, FaZe took home at least $8,000 from every other major LAN event they attended in Infinite Warfare.

5) eUnited - $308,000

Photo via [MLG](https://www.callofduty.com/esports/story/2017-02/CWL_Atlanta_Sunday_Recap)

This organization really burst onto the Call of Duty scene after taking home the CWL Atlanta Open championship in February, earning $80,000. But eUnited's best payday came from a third-place finish in Stage Two of the CWL GPL, earning $92,500. EUnited also secured $55,000 from placing top six at CoD Champs 2017, and $48,000 after coming in second at the CWL Dallas Open in March.

4) Splyce - $360,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/100/photos/510#40)

Splyce's crowning achievement was when the organization won Stage One of the CWL GPL in May. Not only did Splyce become the first European team to win a major LAN event on North American soil, but the organization also secured almost 60 percent of its total earnings at this tournament—walking away with $212,500. Splyce also earned $48,000 after coming in second at CWL Anaheim, and took home a combined $57,500 for top eight performances in Stage Two of the CWL GPL and at CoD Champs 2017.

3) Luminosity Gaming - $389,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/98/photos/516#24)

Luminosity was a powerhouse in Call of Duty this year—especially in the second half of the season. The organization's success began with a $132,500 second-place performance in Stage One of the CWL GPL. Luminosity then secured $80,000 after winning its first Call of Duty tournament as an organization at CWL Anaheim. A fourth-place finish at Stage Two of the CWL GPL secured $52,500 for Luminosity, and then the organization ended the season by taking home $100,000 after coming in third at CoD Champs 2017.

2) Team EnVyUs - $395,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/101/photos/532#193)

The Boys in Blue didn't win a single tournament in Infinite Warfare—but that didn't stop the organization from succeeding when it mattered most. Team EnVyUs secured approximately 84 percent of its Infinite Warfare winnings in the last two events of the season. The organization struggled at the beginning of Infinite Warfare, but that was forgotten after consecutive second-place performances in Stage Two of the CWL GPL and at CoD Champs 2017. EnVyUs earned $132,500 and $200,000 from these events respectively.

1) OpTic Gaming - $1,041,000

Photo via [MLG](http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/101/photos/532#143)

Yes, you read that correctly—OpTic Gaming earned over $1 million in Infinite Warfare. This is obviously bolstered by OpTic's $600,000 first-place finish at CoD Champs 2017, but the team also took home championships at CWL Paris, CWL Dallas, and Stage Two of the CWL GPL. Similar to Team EnVyUs, OpTic secured roughly 78 percent of its total earnings from Infinite Warfare in the last two events of the year—but unlike EnVyUs, OpTic won both of these tournaments.

All tournament earnings were recorded via CoD EsportsWikis.

Note: Only FaZe Clan's $8,000 winnings from the PlayStation Experience Invitational were added to these calculations—no other earnings were available for the other participating teams.

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