The best Call of Duty toys

Play with Call of Duty after you play Call of Duty.

Image via Mega Bloks

Call of Duty is a true juggernaut in the world of entertainment.

Year in and year out, the first-person shooter franchise sells tens of millions of copies of its games. And with a new title every fall, there’s plenty to be excited for, no matter your age—even for children who enjoy playing with toys.

Shockingly, Call of Duty hasn’t cracked the world of toys as much as you might think, possibly due to its largely adult nature. It’s tough to make the hardcore, mature nature of CoD’s content kid-friendly, but there have been a couple of tries.

Here are some of Call of Duty’s best toys.

Call of Duty Mega Bloks

Image via Mega Bloks

Call of Duty’s Mega Construx line of Mega Bloks, a Lego-like toy, featured a number of different sets and character figurines. Sets included an Arctic Armory, Nuketown, Special Forces vs. Submariners, and a Navy weapon crate. The characters were more series-specific and included Frank Woods, Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, General Shepard, and more famous characters from the franchise.

The sets are a few years old, however, and if you’d like to buy them new, your best bet is probably someone reselling them at high prices online.

Funko Pop! figures

Image via Funko

A few years ago, Funko released a small line of Pop! figures inspired by Call of Duty. Some of the characters included Captain Price, Frank Woods, and a soldier in a ghillie suit. This line was short-lived, though, and the figures are no longer being made. But they can be found online being resold at high prices.

McFarlane toy line

Image via McFarlane Toys

The legendary Todd McFarlane toy company has created some classic Call of Duty characters in action figure form over the past few years. The latest line in McFarlane’s Call of Duty set includes Captain Price, Ghost, Frank Woods, and Richtofen.