TCM Buys Aware Gaming’s League Spot

In a rather shocking move, Aware has sold their league spot to TCM, leaving their players out to dry.

TCM Gaming, a professional Call of Duty team based in Europe, has just recently purchased the Season 2 MLG Pro League spot from Aware Gaming and will be moving to the US to play matches.

The move made by TCM Gaming will be historic for Major League Gaming and the Pro League as a whole. This will be the first time that an entire European team will travel to North America to compete in the MLG Pro League, allowing TCM Gaming to challenge the best competition in the game.

TCM Gaming consists of ShAne, Jurd, Gunshy, and Moose, and with this team being regarded as the best and most dominant European squad, it will be interesting to see how they will stack up.

With this historic and monumental move, players on TCM Gaming were thrilled with the new-found opportunity to prove that they belong with the best of the best in the MLG Pro League.

Adam Acipella, EVP MLG Properties, made this statement regarding TCM Gaming traveling from Europe and challenging the MLG Pro League:

“We’re excited to welcome our first team from the UK to the Call of Duty Pro League in Season 2.

TCM is an awesome organization and I’m sure they’re getting pumped up to wreak havoc and test themselves against the top pro teams in North America.”

Aware, consisting of TJ HaLy, Huke, Accuracy, and Happy, had performed extremely well in the tournament to earn their spot in the MLG Pro League.  All four players have also been prominent contenders in the first handful of MLG and UMG tournaments so far in Advanced Warfare, including TJ HaLy and Huke teaming together on Stunner Gaming and falling just short to OpTic Gaming at UMG Orlando to claim runner-up.

After the acquisition made by TCM Gaming, some of the players on Aware were displeased by the transaction made by the team’s ownership.

Many other players that are already in Season 2 of the MLG Pro League have reacted with sympathy for the players on Aware affected by this move.

MLG Pro League Season 2 matches kick off today, March 10, with the first set of matches beginning at 7:00pm and the second at 8:30pm. TJHaly is playing with eLevate for their matches tonight.