Shroud thinks Call of Duty: Warzone is best played solo, not trios

"It feels way, way better than trios."

Image via shroud

Like many other top gaming streamers, shroud has spent a significant amount of time playing Call of Duty: Warzone since its release 10 days ago. And in that time, the battle royale aficionado has formulated an opinion that you might not want to hear.

On his stream yesterday, shroud discussed Warzone’s different formats and he concluded that solo matches are the way that the game was made to be played.

“Solos are actually so good in this game,” shroud said. “It feels way, way better than trios. I think it’s how the game should be played, but at the same time, you don’t want to eliminate the ability to play with your friends.”

Obviously, shroud’s assertion that the game “feels” better is relative. The former CS:GO pro has some of the strongest pure shooting skills in the world, so it makes sense that he’d feel comfortable in a lobby surrounded by other gamers who don’t have any teammates to coordinate with.

But when he extrapolated, shroud provided valid insight about how much team play can disrupt the way someone approaches a match.

“[In solos,] you’re not ever overwhelmed,” shroud said. “If there’s ever a situation where people are ‘camping,’ it doesn’t matter because it’s just one. One [person] isn’t that much of a threat. Three? OK, that’s why you lose in a camping situation.”

While the average player may not be able to consistently compete with another player who’s camping in a solo match, the amount of coordination needed to take out three people camping a spot as a team in a trios match certainly creates more variability.