A basic survival guide for Shaolin Shuffle

Learn all of the essentials needed to make it to high rounds in the newest zombies map.

Screenshot via Activision

On April 18, Infinity Ward introduced one of the most unique zombies experiences to date when it released the second DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Zombies is a game mode that was first introduced back in 2008 in Call of Duty: World at War. Since then, the game mode has greatly evolved and become a staple in the Call of Duty franchise—so much so that Infinity Ward decided to incorporate the mode into Infinite Warfare, even though zombies has primarily been in Treyarch-made games.

The objective of the zombies game mode is to survive as long as possible. Players have fought the living dead in a wide variety of locations in Call of Duty, including an abandoned theater, a wild jungle, a deserted island, and even the moon.

Shaolin Shuffle is the newest zombies map where players can use specialized kung-fu abilities to fend off hordes of the living dead.

Set in 1970s New York City, Shaolin Shuffle is a medium-sized map with a lot of interesting locales in the Big Apple for players to kill zombies. From large streets to underground sewers, players have plenty of potential routes to run and survive on Shaolin Shuffle.

But in order to survive and make it to the highest round possible on Shaolin Shuffle, players will need to learn all of the essentials to succeed on this map.

Kung-fu powers

Once you reach round five, you can enter the Dojo to begin training in one of the four kung-fu masteries: Tiger Style, Dragon Style, Crane Style, and Snake Style. Each different style has three ranks—and your kung-fu abilities get stronger as you complete the challenges to level them up.

These kung-fu abilities aren’t necessarily essential to the map, but they definitely make Shaolin Shuffle more fun and give players a unique zombies experience. But, if you want to complete the easter egg for this map, you’ll definitely need these kung-fu powers.

Power locations

There are four power switches scattered throughout the map. Each power switch, or generator, provides limited power only to that particular section of the map where the generator is located. Once all four power switches have been turned on, players will have access to the sewers (but we’ll get to that later).

Here are the locations for the four generators or power switches on Shaolin Shuffle:

  1. On the back of a post on the right side of the spawn area.
  2. In the park; near Deadeye Dewdrops and next to the staircase leading down from the rooftops.
  3. On the roof of the Inferno Club.
  4. On the wall next to the train tunnel in the second subway.

Perk locations

Once all of the power switches have been turned on, you’ll be able to purchase any perk in the game in order to increase your chance of survivability. There are 10 perks available in Shaolin Shuffle.

  1. Up ‘N Atoms: This is the first perk that can be found right in the spawn subway on the side of the platform where the power switch is located. Similar to Treyarch’s Quick Revive perk, Up ‘N Atoms allows players to revive their teammates faster—or in solo zombies gameplay, this perk acts as a self revive. In solo, Up ‘N Atoms costs 500 points, but with more than one player, the perk costs 1,500.
  2. Racin’ Stripes: This perk is located on top of the roof near the Dojo. If you walk up the slope near the Heebie Geebies bar, Racin’ Stripes will be directly in front of you on the right-hand side. Similar to Treyarch’s Stamin-Up perk, Racin’ Stripes allows players to run faster and sprint for a longer duration. This perk costs 2,000 points.
  3. Mule Munchies: Similar to Treyarch’s Mule Kick perk, Mule Munchies allows the player to carry a third primary weapon. This perk costs 2,000 points and can be found in the alleyway to the right of the Heebie Geebies bar.
  4. Bombstoppers: This perk can be found in the same alleyway as Mule Munchies, but further down the alley next to a staircase leading up into the second floor of the Inferno Club. Bombstoppers costs 1,500 points, and is similar to Treyarch’s PhD Flopper perk, which prevents the player from taking falling damage or damage from explosives.
  5. Deadeye Dewdrops: This is the newest perk introduced to Infinite Warfare zombies. Similar to Treyarch’s Deadshot Daiquiri perk, Deadeye Dewdrops allows a player to aim in directly on a zombie’s head. This perk costs 1,500 points and can be found in a corner of the park near the power generator.
  6. Quickies: This perk allows players to reload and switch weapons faster, just like Treyarch’s Speed Cola perk. Quickies costs 3,000 points, making it the most expensive perk in the game, and it can be found on top of the roof of the Inferno Club near the power generator.
  7. Trail Blazers: This perk is unique to Infinite Warfare zombies. It allows the player to leave a trail of fire behind them after sliding. Trail Blazers costs 1,500 points and can be found on the bottom floor of the Inferno Club, near the door that leads to the street where the Strip Club is located.
  8. Blue Bolts: This perk is similar to Treyarch’s Electric Cherry, which electrocutes nearby zombies when the player reloads. Blue Bolts costs 1,500 points and can be found next to the Lounge outside of the Strip Club.
  9. Bang Bangs: Similar to Treyarch’s Double Tap, this perk increases the fire rate of a player’s weapon. Bang Bangs can be found on the right side of the second subway, and it costs 2,000 points.
  10. Tuff ‘Nuff: This is by far the most essential perk in Call of Duty zombies. Similar to Treyarch’s Juggernog, Tuff ‘Nuff increases a player’s health and allows them to take more hits from zombies. This perk is located in the sewers, and thus can only be purchased once all four power generators have been turned on. Tuff ‘Nuff costs 2,500 points, making it the second most expensive perk in the game.

Magic Wheel locations

Similar to the Mystery Box from Treyarch’s zombie maps, the Magic Wheel is a way for players to obtain a random weapon at the cost of 950 points. There are seven different Magic Wheel locations throughout Shaolin Shuffle.

  1. On the second floor of the spawn subway.
  2. On the rooftop near Racin’ Stripes.
  3. In the alleyway near the Heebie Geebies bar.
  4. In an alley inside of the main park.
  5. On the roof of the Inferno Club.
  6. On the strip next to the door that leads into the Inferno Club.
  7. On the second floor of the second subway.

Pack-a-Punch part locations

The Pack-a-Punch machine is one of the most important items in zombies. For 5,000 points, this machine allows you to upgrade a weapon to make it stronger and increase the amount of ammo it has. You can also double Pack-a-Punch a weapon for 10,000 points to make it even stronger.

There are three different parts that you need to find in order to build the Pack-a-Punch machine. The first part is the Pink Cat Flyer, which is used to grant you access into the Strip Club. The four possible locations for the Pink Cat Flyer are as follows:

  1. On top of a pile of trash in the alleyway to the left of the Dojo.
  2. Sitting on a chair on top of the roof near Racin’ Stripes.
  3. On top of a stool on the roof of the Inferno Club.
  4. Laying on the street in front of the Strip Club.

Once you have found the Pink Cat Flyer and can get into the Strip Club, you will need to find a token to grant you access into the actual Pack-a-Punch room. There is only one location for this token—it can always be found underneath the Tuff ‘Nuff perk machine in the sewers.

The third and final part for the Pack-a-Punch machine is the Film Reel. There are five possible locations for the Film Reel:

  1. On one of the couches near the Skullbuster machine on the second floor of the Inferno Club.
  2. On top of a pile of boxes near the lockers inside of the second subway.
  3. On one of the chairs inside the Strip Club.
  4. On top of a crate in the underground pathway leading to the Tuff ‘Nuff perk machine.
  5. In one of the sewer pipes inside the Rat King’s lair.

Once you have found all three of these parts, you can go inside the Strip Club and enter the Pack-a-Punch room.

Easy spots to train zombies

Although there aren’t many good camping spots on Shaolin Shuffle, there are several areas of the map that can be used to train zombies. In zombies, “training” is a survivability tactic used to get the living dead to follow the player, effectively making them easier to kill—think about the player as the front of a locomotive and the zombies as all of the other cabins following behind.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own personal preference on the area of the map that they think is most suitable for survival. Keeping this in mind, there are a few areas of the map that are good for training zombies and making it to high rounds.

The easiest spot on Shaolin Shuffle is the Rat King’s liar in the sewers. It is a big, wide-open circle, with plenty of space to run around. Also, there are several exits from the sewers, which is important in case you get into a tricky situation and need to find a quick escape route.

Other players have found success training zombies on the street outside of the Strip Club, as well as on the street outside of the Dojo. Another potential spot is the bottom floor of the Inferno Club. It’s not as spacious as the Rat King’s liar, but there are several exits just in case you get overwhelmed on the dance floor.

Now that you know all of the basics for Shaolin Shuffle, it’s time to find the strategy that works best for you, and start kicking some zombie butt.