Seattle Surge narrowly avoid reverse sweep against New York Subliners, stay in winners bracket at 2022 Call of Duty League Major 3

The first series of Major Three was one to remember.

Photo by Taylor Powell

The Seattle Surge avoided disaster to kick off the 2022 Call of Duty League’s Major Three by shutting down the New York Subliners during an intense game five today. 

Despite falling short at the last LAN tournament, the Surge started off hot at Major Three with two opening map wins. Bocage Hardpoint was the first map of the series and went the way of Seattle, who easily outslayed the Subliners to take a 250-179 win. Pred came close to dropping 40 kills during the Hardpoint alongside Mack and walked away with a 1.3 K/D. Pred and Mack were the superstar duo on the Berlin Search and Destroy, too, putting up over 2.0 K/Ds in a map win that went the way of Seattle 6-2. 

With their backs against the wall, New York had to take down the Surge on Berlin Control to stay in the series. But Seattle had been on a winning streak in Control and looked lethal on the mode during the online qualifiers. After battling back and forth with Seattle, the Subliners walked away with a 3-2 win in map three. New York then replicated that success on Gavatu Hardpoint. Just like the first Hardpoint, it looked like Seattle were outslaying the Subliners. But a few good hills went the way of New York to help them win the map 250-171. 

Despite looking good during the first two maps of the series, it seemed like Seattle were losing the momentum. Meanwhile, the New York Subliners were riding out their winning spree into the game five Search and Destroy on Tuscan. New York went up 5-3, but Seattle forced a round 11 scenario that came down to a one-vs-one that went in favor of the Seattle Surge, who won the map 6-5 and series 3-2.

Seattle now move on to play the winner of OpTic Texas vs. Florida Mutineers. The New York Subliners, on the other hand, fall to the lower bracket of Major Three to face the London Royal Ravens.