Prop Hunt has officially been added as a permanent game mode in Modern Warfare Remastered

The prayers of many Call of Duty fans have been answered.

Image via Activision

Raven Software, the developer of Modern Warfare Remastered, revealed which game mode will be permanently added to the popular Call of Duty title earlier today.

Last week, the company announced a Twitter competition to determine the newest addition to the Modern Warfare Remastered servers. Raven Software released two tweets—one for Prop Hunt and one for Slasher—and said that the game mode that earned the most retweets by Aug. 1 would become an official multiplayer playlist option in Modern Warfare Remastered.

And Prop Hunt absolutely destroyed Slasher.

As of 1pm ET today, Prop Hunt’s tweet amassed over 19,000 retweets, while Slasher’s tweet didn’t even surpass 3,000—which means that Call of Duty’s popular version of hide-and-seek is now an official game mode in Modern Warfare Remastered.

The game mode was first introduced to Modern Warfare Remastered on March 30. Despite its immediate success, Prop Hunt was only on the MWR servers for a limited time. It returned to MWR on April 28 and Memorial Day weekend, but again, fans were upset when Prop Hunt was removed from multiplayer after these time periods expired.

But now, Call of Duty fans don’t have to worry about the game mode leaving MWR anytime soon—you can play Prop Hunt whenever you want.