Pro-Am champs put down: Atlanta FaZe beat New York Subliners

Atlanta FaZe are coming back to championship form.

Photo via Call of Duty League

Atlanta FaZe shut down New York Subliners’ win streak during their opening match of the second half of the Call of Duty League. 

The New York Subliners rolled their way through the Pro-Am Classic one week prior to the start of the Stage Three qualifiers, but were unable to replicate their success when facing the 2021 CDL Champions. Meanwhile, FaZe bounced back from their lackluster performance at the Pro-Am to go up 1-0 in their group, starting the Stage off right. 

Berlin was the first Hardpoint map of the series, and saw the Subliners take an early lead with a 250- 229 win over FaZe. Both HyDra and Crimsix walked away with 1.04 KDs, and were the driving force behind their team’s map win. But that momentum did not last long, as Atlanta FaZe answered back with a win on Bocage Search and Destroy, despite the map also going the distance. The round 11 win came off the back of Arcitys, who had a 1.67 KD and accumulated 10 kills across the map. 

After losing a hard-fought Search and Destroy, New York would have to bounce back on the Control to take the lead in the series. The Gavutu Control, however, did not shift the momentum and instead allowed FaZe to continue to run the game. It was a near-perfect performance from Atlanta to win the map 3-1, and take a 2-1 lead in the series. Tuscan Hardpoint would be the final map of the series and saw Atlanta correct all the mistakes that they had made from the previous Hardpoint map. Even though the second Hardpoint was just as close as the first, Atlanta won it 250-225 to walk away with a 3-1 series victory. 

Both teams have the Boston Breach up next, with the Subliners looking to bounce back against Boston on Sunday, May 15, while Atlanta will take on the Breach next Saturday, May 20.