Prestinni to sub in for Simp in 2022 Call of Duty Major 2 online qualifier match against OpTic Texas

Prestinni will play alongside his twin brother against OpTic Texas.

Photo via MLG

Prestinni is filling in for Atlanta FaZe star Simp in their Call of Duty League online qualifier match today against OpTic Texas, head coach Crowder announced. With Simp out sick, Prestinni will compete alongside his twin brother Arcitys for the first time since Modern Warfare when the two played for the Chicago Huntsmen. 

“Not playing vs optic today,” Simp said. “Been throwing up all morning and I couldn’t make it through a warm-up map beforehand. Hopefully gonna feel better for the major.”

The twins started their Call of Duty careers together in 2015 and made their way through tier-two teams until joining eUnited at the end of 2016. Prestinni and Arcitys remained on eUnited until 2019, when they won their first World Championship during the Black Ops 4 season. 

After winning a ring in 2019, the twins split up when the Call of Duty League franchised into 12 new teams. Prestinni went to the Florida Mutineers while Arcitys signed with the Chicago Huntsmen heading into the Modern Warfare season. Eventually, Prestinni left Florida and found his way to the Chicago Huntsmen to play with his twin brother once again. The pair played out the remainder of the Modern Warfare season for the Huntsmen before splitting up once more during Black Ops Cold War

During the offseason in 2021, Prestinni announced that he would be joining the Atlanta FaZe as a substitute player, bringing him back with brother Arcitys once more. Until now, FaZe hasn’t needed to use Prestinni. But Simp’s sudden illness has brought Prestinni to the frontlines.

In addition to playing with Arcitys for the first time in over a year, Prestinni will also be playing competitively for the first time in seven months. Atlanta FaZe’s final match before next week’s Major Two is against OpTic Texas and will be an uphill battle for Prestinni to perform in.

This online match between OpTic and FaZe is set to begin soon on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel.