19 May 2016 - 18:34

Nelson Leaves 100 Thieves

Nelson has left the 100 Thieves CWL team.
Contributing Writer

Brandon “Nelson” McKinney has left the Hundred Thieves Call of Duty World League roster, stating so in a Twitlonger post. This is the first roster change for Hundred Thieves since their inception last month, when they signed “King Papey”, a new CWL team consisting of Examples, Johnny, Nelson, and Royalty. McKinney said that there were several reasons for leaving but he was mostly disappointed with the team’s performance and lack of improvement, and that he would be better off on another team.

He also said that he was the only one on the team that practiced heavily and he couldn’t get the other three to work on improving their weaknesses, leading them to struggle thus far in Stage 2. Hundred Thieves is currently 10th in the North American division with a record of 2-6, but McKinney’s confidence hasn’t wavered, saying that he has “one of the best HP games, and the best SnD k/ds."

A few prominent figures in the Call of Duty scene commented on McKinney’s post, most notably being Jordan “JKap” Kaplan, a long-time professional player and current member of Team EnVyUs who said that McKinney should reconsider his choice to leave the team if he doesn’t already have another CWL team, presumably because of the difficulty to re-qualify for the next stage or the Call of Duty Championship.

McKinney also stated that there were some “behind the scenes things” that turned him off from the team, even going as far to say that he is “finally free” from the team. He said he hopes that a CWL team will take a chance on him and promoted that players contact him for future teams.

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