MLG Pro League Season 2 Relegation Results

After weeks of tournaments, the the league stays exactly the same.

After weeks of online tournaments, the final four teams to play in Season 2 of the MLG Pro League have been decided through relegation.

The relegation tournament was a double elimination online event that occurred Feb. 24-26 where the top four teams secured themselves a spot in Season 2 of the Pro League. The bottom four teams from Season 1 automatically qualified for this tournament. The other four teams participating had to earn their way in through a series of online qualifiers.

It began with an open qualifier on Feb. 9-10 where any teams with North American players could enter. Team Revenge took control of the that tournament and came away with first place, securing them a spot in the relegation tournament that would decide the final four teams. They beat prominent teams such as FaZe Black and Strictly Business.

The second online qualifier was limited to teams that had at least one player that ranked pro based on pro-points. This took place Feb. 11-12 and the top three teams from the tournament qualified for the relegation tournament. Those teams ended up being EcHo, iSolation Empire, and the “Resurrection of Cole.”

Fast forward to Feb. 24, the teams participating in the relegation tournament consisted of Team JusTus, Automatic Reload, OpTic Nation, Team Elevate, Team Revenge, iSolation Empire, Echo and “The Resurrection of Cole.”

Team JusTus came out strong and won their first two matches over “The Resurrection of Cole” and OpTic Nation. They were the first team to officially qualify for Season 2 of the MLG Pro League.

The second team to win their way into Season 2 was Automatic Reload. They beat EcHo and Team eLeveate to advance.

The final two teams to qualify had to fight their way through the loser’s bracket. OpTic Nation went down 0-2 in their series against Team Revenge before coming back to take the next three maps. They won the series 3-2 and qualified.

Elevate was scheduled to play iSolation Empire to determine the last spot, but iSo forfeited their match due to a rule violation. This means that Elevate automatically qualified for Season 2.

To recap, the final four teams to qualify happen to be the bottom four teams from Season 1.