MLG Announces Arena Columbus Arena will host the CoD League Playoffs this October 24-26.

Major League Gaming unveiled their plans to open an exclusive eSports arena in Columbus that is featuring the MLG CoD League Season 3 playoff tournament and various events throughout the year.

Columbus is located in central Ohio, south-east of Chicago. The venue is set to be 14,000 sq. feet and feature bleacher seating, sound proof booths, a broadcast platform, several screens around the venue, and warm up stations for players.

The arena will host its first event October 24-26, with the top eight teams from Season 3 of the CoD League coming in to compete in a playoff tournament. $75,000 in prizes will be split amongst the winning teams. Spectator passes will become available September 26 on the MLG Store.

The official title of the arena is “ Columbus Arena” and it will be a backdrop for broadcasts exclusively on MLG. tv throughout the year when events are not taking place. With the rapid expansion of itself, this is just another example of how MLG is stepping up their game.

While the arena is much smaller than venues that MLG have held events in, it is comparable to the size of Full Sail Live, where MLG has held events twice this past year. The intimate setting limits the amount of spectators, but amplifies the excitement and intensity of the event.

MLG’s Co-Founder and CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni, had this to say about the arena. “MLG’s mission is to promote eSports globally through premier competition and to deliver premium gaming content to viewers anytime, anywhere through our global streaming platform – With the Columbus Arena, we now have a flagship venue built to showcase the best as we continue to expand our global footprint.”

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