Joee: “I think we’re the best team left in the tournament now that Rise are out”

The European veteran is very confident in his team.

Photo via MLG

After being sent down to the losers bracket by eUnited, Red Reserve’s road to the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship grand finals got a lot tougher.

The one-sided loss to eUnited not only showed the European team’s weaknesses, but it also forced them to win six matches to even have a chance at competing in the grand finals. Red were obviously upset with the loss, but they came back with strong sweeps against compLexity and Ghost Gaming to earn a spot in the third round of the losers bracket.

Following their second 3-0 win over Ghost—Red swept them in Pool C as well—Joseph “Joee” Pinnington talked with Dot Esports about his team.

You guys just swept Ghost Gaming. What helped you win that match?

Joee: Nothing really. I think we’re just better than them. We’ve played them three or four times now and we’ve matched up well against them because they pick our best map as well. And we’re just the better team.

Did they show you anything different than in your pool play match?

No, that [bracket play] match was probably easier than the pool play match. That one wasn’t really that close. They just pick our best maps and they shouldn’t do that, but they do.

What happened in that eUnited series?

We just came out really slow. Not much else to say—that wasn’t us.

What do you have to do to go through the entire losers bracket and reach the grand finals?

Just play our game. I think we’re the best team left in the tournament now that Rise are out. If we just play our game—we’ve done losers brackets the entire year, so why not do another one?

What does Skrapz bring to your team that Joshh did not?

More slaying power. We just got a lot more kills. With Joshh, it was teamwork but now—it’s still teamwork—but we can just win by pure individual skill.

You think you’re the best team in the tournament, but who’s the second-best that will meet you guys in the grand finals?

I think if we get to the grand finals, we’ll play Team Kaliber.

Red Reserve continue their losers bracket run later tonight with a matchup against Luminosity at 5pm CT.