Is Call of Duty: Warzone crossplay?

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The weekend has arrived and it’s come to squad up with the buddies for some battle royale matches in Call of Duty: Warzone. But there’s just one problem: you’re on PlayStation, two buddies are on Xbox, and another is on PC. Uh oh.

Crossplay is the future of gaming, but it’s also the present. The ability to play with friends and foes alike no matter what system they’re playing on is one of the best recent additions to multiplayer gaming.

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Since you can play the free-to-play Warzone with multiple friends, the question immediately must be asked: Is it a crossplay game?

Is Call of Duty: Warzone crossplay?

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As has become the standard in Call of Duty and seemingly all multiplayer-centric games in the modern era, Warzone is a crossplay title. This means that you can play Warzone with friends no matter what they play on.

PlayStation gamers, Xbox gamers, and PC gamers can all play together and against each other in Warzone. And it’s a beautiful thing.

To play Warzone with friends on other platforms, you will have to link your platform account to an Activision ID. You can then add friends to your games and friends list by adding them via their Activision ID, which is basically a Call of Duty-based account.

How to turn crossplay off in Warzone

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One negative about crossplay is that players who cheat and hack on PC can invade the games of console players. If you play on console, you may want to avoid the hacking problem by playing with others only on console, and you can do so by turning off crossplay.

To turn off crossplay in Warzone and only get matched against players on your current platform, open up the game’s settings and move to the Account tab on the far right. The first option under Online is Crossplay. You can select it to be Enabled or Disabled. Select Disabled to turn off crossplay.

Be forewarned, however, that matchmaking times will be affected if you turn crossplay off. The pool of players with crossplay enabled is much, much larger than the players who have it turned off, so it could take a long time before finding a game.