How to watch the $20,000 Z&Z Invitational Call of Duty: Warzone tournament

ZooMaa and Methodz are running this one.

Image via Activision

Two Call of Duty esports veterans with some of the best personalities the scene has ever had will be throwing a big-money Warzone tournament this week.

ZooMaa and Methodz are teaming up for the Z&Z Invitational, a $20,000 trio tournament featuring top Warzone players, streamers, and even some Call of Duty League pros thrown in the mix during their offseason, too.

With two characters like ZooMaa and Methodz hosting the action, it’s sure to be something that CoD fans won’t want to miss. And with $20,000 on the line, all of the players will be bringing their best into Verdansk to try and secure the bag.

The list of participating players is full of top Warzone streamers and competitors alike. It includes such big names as:

  • Kalei
  • Apathy
  • Slacked
  • DougisRaw
  • HusKerrs
  • Aydan
  • Rated
  • Tommey
  • Almond
  • Crowder
  • Arcitys
  • Cellium
  • IcemanIsaac
  • UnRational
  • Wuskin
  • Skrapz
  • Envoy
  • MuTeX
  • and many more

Here’s how and when to tune into the tournament to not miss a second of the fun.

How to watch the $20,000 Z&Z Invitational Warzone tournament

Image via Activision

The tournament will begin tomorrow, Sept. 21, at 2pm CT. The show will be hosted by both ZooMaa and Methodz on their Twitch channels. The event will consist of trios taking part in a private, custom lobby while duking it out for the $20,000 prize pool, so the action is sure to be very tense.

To tune in to each individual competitor’s channels, you can find them on the Call of Duty: Warzone directory on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or anywhere people might be streaming the event on a gaming content website.