How to use the Spotter Scope in Call of Duty: Warzone

I spy with my little eye a squad rushing toward us.

Image via Activision

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare keeps on giving. Players were greeted with another content drop earlier today as a part of the mid-season update.

In addition to a 200-player game mode in Warzone, Activision added a new sniper weapon and a Spotter Scope, an item that anyone can make use of. 

The Spotter Scope comes in the form of a tactical piece of equipment and allows players to spot and mark enemies from a distance, making them visible for their squadmates and themselves. The Spotter Scope can be reused since it doesn’t have a usage limit and has the potential to turn one of your squad members into a dedicated intel gatherer.

How does the Spotter Scope in Call of Duty: Warzone work?

Using the Spotter Scope is a straightforward process. It works like any other tactical piece of equipment, like the Heartbeat Sensor, that you can find on the map. Just use whatever button you have set for your tactical equipment to bring out the Spotter Scope and start marking enemies.

There is a difference between the Spotter Scope and regular sniper scopes, however. The Spotter Scope doesn’t have sniper glint, making you harder to spot for enemies looking your way. Sniper glint refers to the glaring animation you may notice while someone’s aiming toward you with a scope-equipped weapon.

Since hiding will be harder than ever in the new 200-player mode, having a scope that doesn’t reveal your whereabouts while letting you spot enemies will surely come in handy for anyone looking to grind Warzone victories.