How to unlock the Renetti and SKS in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

You can get them for free.

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is keeping the content coming with season three, which includes a bunch of new Operators, maps, and cosmetics. But it also adds two new weapons to the fray with the Renetti pistol and SKS marksman rifle.

Both of these weapons can be unlocked for free, but you can pay to get access to them quicker. The choice is yours, but here’s how to unlock both the Renetti and SKS to begin wreaking havoc with them in multiplayer and Warzone.

Play season three of Modern Warfare or Warzone and rank up to tier 15 of the battle pass to unlock the Renetti. You need to rank up to tier 31 to unlock the SKS. That’s all there is to it—play the game, earn XP, and eventually both guns will be yours.

You can earn XP by playing multiplayer, Warzone, and even Spec Ops, so simply enjoy the game and what it has to offer and the guns will come to you.

There are also two blueprints featuring the new guns that can be found in the battle pass. The Guard One Renetti blueprint is unlocked at tier 85, while the Utility Tool SKS blueprint becomes available at tier 100.

Outside of playing the game and earning them over time, there’s also an option to purchase a battle pass that comes with 20 tiers of unlocks, giving players access to the Renetti immediately. After that, there are only 11 tiers before you gain access to the SKS. Individual tiers can also be purchased after that for CoD Points.