How to unlock the 3 new weapons in MW2 and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

Three new weapons, one easy way to get them.

The three new weapons in MW2 Season 5 Reloaded. Pickaxe, Lachmann Shroud, and 9mm Daemon.
Image via Activision

If you like new weapons, then Modern Warfare 2’s Season Five Reloaded update is the one for you.

The midseason update has added three new weapons for players to unlock, and anyone can get them on day one of the update as long as they have some battle pass tokens saved up. Once unlocked, the new weapons can be used in MW2 or Warzone, and even in Modern Warfare 3 later this year.

Here’s how to get all three new weapons as part of MW2’s Season Five Reloaded update.

New weapons in MW2 Season 5 Reloaded

A screenshot of the MW2 Season Five battle pass.
A new sector is unlocked. Image via Activision

The three new weapons in MW2 and Warzone’s Season Five Reloaded update are the Lachmann Shroud SMG, 9mm Daemon pistol, and Pickaxe melee weapon. All of the guns can be unlocked via a new node in the season five battle pass.

Once season five is over, the weapons may still be unlockable via some challenges that are detailed below.

How to unlock the Lachmann Shroud in MW2 and Warzone

The Lachmann Shroud SMG in MW2.
It’s a familiar gun, but quieter. Image via Activision

“This stealthy and lethal 9mm submachine gun features burst and semi-auto fire modes which allow for considerable mobility and stopping power out to the mid-range,” Activision said.

The Lachmann Shroud is unlocked once you finish the new battle pass node, Sector E0, which was previously classified. And then there’s a challenge to complete, which is “Get 30 operator hipfire kills with SMG’s.”

You must unlock all other items in the node, including the 9mm Daemon and Pickaxe, to gain access to the new SMG and its unlock challenge.

How to unlock the 9mm Daemon in MW2 and Warzone

The Daemon 9mm pistol in MW2.
Become a demon with the Daemon. Image via Activision

“This modern, tactical pistol chambered in 9mm is deadly from the hip and features best-in-class semi-automatic fire rate,” Activision said.

The 9mm Daemon is found as one of the unlocks in Sector E0, along with the Pickaxe and Lachmann Shroud. Once you gain access to the node, you must complete its challenge. The challenge is to “get 15 operator headshot kills with pistols.”

How to unlock the Pickaxe in MW2 and Warzone

The pickaxe melee weapon in MW2.
Don’t pick a fight with this one. Image via Activision

“This heavy-duty Melee Weapon enables quiet and deadly operations behind enemy lines with viable damage and range,” Activision said.

Like the other two weapons, the Pickaxe can be unlocked once you gain access to Sector E0. The challenge to unlock the Pickaxe is to “get 15 operator kills with melee weapons.”

This article will be updated with new information when season five comes to an end later this year.


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