How to play Rebirth Island in Call of Duty

Jumping into the newest map is easy.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone recently introduced a smaller, second map for players to enjoy: Rebirth Island is a reimagined version of Alcatraz from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and veteran players will recognize the map’s layout.

The map is considerably smaller than Verdansk, so players will frequently encounter enemy players and teams. It also features unique game modes that change or enhance the traditional Warzone experience.

The layout is an almost exact replica of Alcatraz with updated graphics and visuals. New players will have little trouble learning the map after a few games.

Warzone players can play Rebirth Island by selecting the playlist in the menu. Rebirth Island is featured in multiple playlists that rotate each week. One of the frequent playlists is Resurgence Trios, which takes place on Rebirth Island.

This game mode changes gameplay by allowing players to revive their teammates if they stay alive for a brief period, however. Players will constantly spawn back into the map, creating intense situations as the map shrinks.

Resurgence Quads is another rotating game mode that adds one more player to each team. Fans of the classic Warzone gameplay can also enjoy Rebirth Island when the appropriate game mode is available. But most players will likely enjoy the new game mode options.

Raven Software, the developers behind Warzone, announces the playlist updates every week. Fans can monitor the announcements to see which mode is currently available and if their preferred version of Rebirth Island is active.