How to get all DMZ rare weapons case rewards

The biggest rewards require the biggest obstacles to be conquered.

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The best loot and weapons in Call of Duty’s DMZ mode are not easy to get your hands on, but they’re so, so worth it. In the Tarkov-inspired game mode set in Warzone 2‘s Al Mazrah location, players deploy and try and exfil with the best gear possible while completing missions.

Players can unlock new weapons to use in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 by completing certain missions and specific objectives, and one of the toughest is extracting a rare weapons case.

How to acquire a rare weapons case in DMZ

During a DMZ match, one rare weapons case is available for players to acquire. During a match, open your tac map and locate the rare weapons case icon. A yellow icon with a large radius indicates that the case is up for grabs and in the hands of enemy AI combatants. But a red case means that another team of players has it in their possession.

If the icon is yellow, it’s in the hands of the Juggernaut, a tough and heavily armored dangerous enemy AI combatant that is not easy to bring down. A fully-kitted and equipped team of players is recommended to bring him down.

Once he is down, you can pick up the case, but it will alert all players that you have picked it up, allowing them to see you on the tac map as the red case icon. You will need to successfully exfil to keep the case with you.

All rare weapon case rewards in DMZ

If you successfully exfil the weapons case, you will receive one out of the seven total weapon case rewards.

  • Caution Tape weapon blueprint (RPK)
  • Biohazard weapon sticker
  • Jungle Incognito vehicle skin
  • Gas Gas Gas weapon charm
  • Weapon Crate calling card
  • Weapon Crate emblem
  • Biohazard operator skin (König)


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