How to fix Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Daily Challenges issues

A temporary fix for a big problem in the new CoD.

Image via Activision

The multiplayer mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has had several issues, including an error with the Daily Challenges.

The error ensures that any progress made to complete the missions will not be saved. This keeps players from completing the challenges and getting rewards.

Thankfully, there seems to be a rather easy fix that will kickblstart the counter again and let you jump right back into the action. 

If you are in the middle of a challenge like “Spot 40 Enemies On The Map,” check to see if your progress is being saved with each match. If you are performing the action and the bar is not filling out, go ahead and exit out of the game and close the application. 

Forcing a hard reset for the game should shut down whatever is causing those issues. Once you are loaded back in, you might see the progress show up, but don’t panic if it doesn’t show up. 

There have been mixed reports across Reddit whether the progress will be saved for each individual challenge, but even if you don’t get lucky and that progress is lost, the counter should work now. 

Just to be safe, you should play a few matches and check after each one to make sure the challenges are being counted following the reset. If they aren’t, you might need to perform another reset or completely turn off your console in order to get the fix to work. 

Even if the fix does work for you, this is not a permanent workaround and you will likely encounter the problem again. This entire issue is going to be something the CoD developers will actively need to patch so players can play without needing to check every few matches to make sure they aren’t wasting their time.