Gfinity 2015 Plans Unveiled

Gfinity unveils their huge plans for the growth of eSports

Gfinity has flown to the top of the eSports’ tournament scene in Europe. They’ve hosted tournaments throughout the 2013 and 2014 seasons under multiple game titles such as Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, and FIFA. Now Gfinity is proud to officially announce their breath-taking plans for 2015.

Gfinity eSports’ Arena

Gfinity was proud to announce the United Kingdom’s first dedicated eSports’ arena. This arena will be home to all of Gfinity’s tournaments across all gaming platforms. This arena will hold space up to 500 spectators, so that one can enjoy the intense gameplay up close and personal.

Tickets for all of the arena’s events will be made available at Gfinity’s website in the near future. Look out for more details to come.

Future Events

Now that Gfinity has created a home in the UK, they’ll be adding in a lot more events. They’ve listened to what the fans want and they’ve answered. In 2015, Gfinity will be hosting 30 offline events for their upcoming 2015 season from March to September. This season will conclude at the Gfinity Championship 2015 LAN event at the arena, making it the largest multi-gaming eSports’ event in Europe to date.

Included within the 30 scheduled events throughout the season, there will be six open tournaments, so that all competitors both amateur and pro can get a shot at becoming a champion along with winning some awesome prizes.

Speaking of prizes, Gfinity will be adding in over $500,000 in prize money for the events in 2015, calculating to be three times as much compared to the last season.

The games featured at these events will include the familiar Call of Duty, CS:GO, StarCraft II, and FIFA titles. Now they’ll be adding in two more eSports’ titles to be featured at the arena, which are HearthStone and Halo.

With these additions, Gfinity will have a total of six eSports’ gaming titles at their events for the 2015 season starting in March.

Player and Spectator Benefits

Gfinity was also pleased to announce that they will be fully funding all the travel and accommodation expenses for professional players to major tournaments. This is huge for competitors of all levels looking to be treated like the gaming athletes they are. They earn it, they get it.

For the fans, Gfinity will become a larger competitive platform to be apart of. Exclusive content and live events will now be hosted comfortably at Gfinity’s own home. Also, the pricings for events will be set in a very competitive and affordable way.

The event’s schedules including their dates and prize pools will be made available soon.

The 2015 season will shape up to be the biggest year yet in the growth of eSports not only in Europe but around the globe.

If you missed their announcement on stream, check out their video:

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