FormaL’s incredible snipe in Warzone tournament results in NICKMERCS’ hilarious demise via a falling chopper

This is ridiculous.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone is rife with opportunities for some amazing gameplay clips. Whether it’s high-skill shots, insane escapes, or amazing teamwork, it’s likely been clipped and shared a ton since the battle royale mode’s release nearly three months ago.

Today, however, might have produced the best clip yet.

In the semifinals of today’s Teep’s Trials, a tournament hosted by Twitch Rivals as part of its Doritos Disruptor Series, CoD pros FormaL and Scump were facing off against NICKMERCS and FaZe Swagg.

In the two-vs-two tournament, the teams were matched up in the same squad and split up into their own duos, vying for more kills than the other pair.

With Swagg already dead and NICKMERCS trying to scrounge up some cash to revive him, he suddenly caught a falling helicopter in the face as he was attempting to loot a loadout drop. Was it a kamikaze pilot? Not exactly.

The story is told even better from FormaL’s perspective. The FPS legend looked to the sky and saw a helicopter approaching, so he quickly sniped the pilot out of the vehicle. He then watched as the chopper tumbled out of the sky and directly into an unsuspecting NICKMERCS.

“What the fuck can you do but laugh?” NICKMERCS said as he sat incredulously when Swagg explained to him what had happened.

Everyone laughed in the end. FormaL and Scump got the last laugh, too, winning the match and advancing to the finals of the tournament.