Evil Geniuses release StuDyy

This Call of Duty veteran will need to find a new team for the upcoming $200,000 LAN event.

Photo via Justin Binkowski

Another top North American Call of Duty team made a roster change following a disappointing performance at the CoD World League Playoffs.

Evil Geniuses released Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio from the team late last night. The team has yet to announce a replacement. This means that Evil Geniuses’ Call of Duty lineup includes Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler, Colt “Havok” McLendon, and Jared “Nagafen” Harrell—a team-of-three looking for one player.

Fans have speculated that Christopher “Parasite” Duarte will replace StuDyy, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Evil Geniuses’ roster change comes three days after the team earned a top-eight finish at the CWL Global Pro League Stage One Playoffs—and just over 24 hours after Enigma6 also announced a roster change.

NAMELESS, the captain of Evil Geniuses’ Call of Duty team, had been teaming with StuDyy since June 2016, and they also played together for roughly six months in 2014. He acknowledged that this was a tough choice, but NAMELESS felt that EG needed to make a change.

“It definitely wasn’t an easy decision letting [StuDyy] go, but something had to be done,” NAMELESS said in Evil Geniuses’ official announcement. “The goal is to win, and we felt that with the current roster, that was not feasible. I just want to say thanks to [StuDyy] for everything he’s put into the team and his time on the squad. I really wish him good luck in the future and wherever he finds a new home.”

StuDyy is a well-known and respected veteran in the Call of Duty community, and he’ll definitely be a highly-coveted free agent prior to the roster lock for the second season of the CWL Global Pro League. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see who joins Evil Geniuses before the team’s next major LAN event—the CWL Anaheim Open on June 16.