Drift From Havoc DLC Added to CoD Champs Map Rotation

Those asking for DLC maps in competitive play will be happy with today's announcement.

It was announced today that Drift, a map from the Havoc DLC pack, will be added to the map rotation for the Call of Duty Championships in about two weeks.

Drift, a snowy map set high in the mountains, features a traditional three-lane setup which is key for competitive play. With this map coming, some must go, so here’s the impact Drift will have on the map rotation:

  • Bio Lab Capture the Flag will be replaced with Drift Capture the Flag
  • Recovery Search and Destroy will be replaced with Drift Search and Destroy

While people have pushed for DLC in competitive rotations in the past, it would have been ideal to introduce this new map before the qualifiers began for CoD Champs. With only about two weeks left before the million dollar World Championship, teams don’t have much time to get practice in on a map they’ve never played on.

Mike “Hastro” Rufail, owner of Team EnVyUs, and others weighed in on the change.


Seth “Scumper” Abner – Player OpTic Gaming


Matt “Nadeshot” Haag – Pro Player OpTic Gaming


Call of Duty Youtuber “Drift0r” also added his thoughts to the conversation.


Dillon “Attach” Price – Pro Player for Denial eSports after finding out the map is snow based.



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