Luminosity swept by Midnight for third loss of the week in CWL Pro League

What a horrible end to a horrible week for Luminosity.

Photo via MLG

It was a really, really bad week for Luminosity in the CWL Pro League, and time is running out on the team to automatically qualify for the CWL Finals in Miami.

After losing a match to FaZe Clan on May 14, LG fans probably weren’t too worried for the roster. Besides, FaZe’s talented roster could beat almost any top team on any given day. But then LG lost to Evil Geniuses, who were in last place in Division A at the time, and that probably made most fans worry at least a little.

Then came today’s match against Midnight Esports, a team floating in the top four in Division A. And despite the record, Midnight has looked vulnerable in recent matches. Unfortunately for LG, they could not capitalized on anything in their match today.

First, Midnight barely prevailed in a 250-225 Hardpoint game. But that HP win seemed to be enough of a momentum boost for Midnight to drive them through the rest of the series. LG dropped Hacienda Hardpoint to go down by two games, and with no maps left to throw away, LG couldn’t secure the win on Arsenal Control.

A loss is one thing, but a sweep is much different. And with the tweets from Luminosity players after yesterday’s loss to Evil Geniuses that showed they were incredibly frustrated, today’s loss cannot be anything but a bad sign for the talented lineup.

FaZe Clan finished the week with sweep, defeating Team Reciprocity in the opening match of the day. Evil Geniuses then followed them up with a sweep of their own in an upset over Gen.G. And to close out the week, OpTic Gaming beat UYU in four games to complete a perfect week and move into sole possession of first place in the division.

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Here are the standings in Division A of the CWL Pro League (each team’s series record is followed by their map count in parentheses).

Standings – Division A

1) OpTic Gaming: 11-4 (37-28)
2) Gen.G: 10-5 (36-26)
3) Midnight Esports: 9-5 (32-23)  
4) FaZe Clan: 8-7 (34-24)    
5) Evil Geniuses: 5-9 (23-31)
6) Team Reciprocity: 5-9 (22-36) 
7) Luminosity: 5-9 (26-35) 
8) UYU: 4-11 (19-37)

The teams will have the weekend off before finishing up their regular season with several matches next week. OpTic Gaming controls their own destiny in first place, but the bigger story may be Luminosity, who have a very realistic chance of finishing in last place.