Here’s how the CWL Fort Worth open bracket works

$75,000 will be up for grabs.

Photo via MLG

With the CWL Pro League not featuring relegation in 2019, the open bracket will also be experiencing some big changes this season.

The 16 pro teams will compete in a separate tournament than the amateur teams at CWL Fort Worth, which begins on March 15. Instead of the previous format that allowed the top four open bracket teams to make it into pool play, the open bracket will offer its own prize pool at the upcoming event.

After being seeded by their total pro points, the open bracket teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket. The first several rounds will be played in best-of-three series, with the bracket shifting to best-of-five series once the top 16 teams are determined.

The final two surviving teams will play each other in the open bracket grand finals, which will be played on the CWL Fort Worth main stage. Per usual, the teams will play one best-of-five series if the winners bracket team wins, and two series if the losers bracket team forces a bracket reset.

The winner receives $15,000 of the $75,000 total prize pool. Here’s the full breakdown of the open bracket prize rewards.

1) $15,000 / 5,000 Pro Points
2) $12,500 / 3,000 Pro Points
3) $10,000 / 2,200 Pro Points
4) $8,000 / 1,800 Pro Points
5-6) $5,000 / 1,600 Pro Points
7-8) $2,750 / 1,400 Pro Points
9-12) $2,000 / 1,100 Pro Points
13-16) $1,500 / 900 Pro Points
17-24) 600 Pro Points
25-32) 400 Pro Points
33-48) 300 Pro Points
49-64) 200 Pro Points

And while this reward may be nice for some amateurs, there will surely be others who won’t be happy with being locked out of testing their skills against the pool play teams.

The CWL Fort Worth event will begin on March 15 and will continue until March 17.