The glorious career of CoD’s best player in one 42-minute video

The best player in Call of Duty history just released a massive video outlining his illustrious career

Screengrab via Crimsixian/YouTube

The best player in Call of Duty history just released a massive video outlining his illustrious career.

Last year, one of the greatest dynasties in esports history came to an end: When the Evil Geniuses Call of Duty team collapsed, it ended a more than a year-long run of unprecedented dominance. 

Much of those results were thanks to Ian “Crimsix” Porter, the star slaying player who was likely the best player on the best team Call of Duty has ever seen. That Complexity and Evil Geniuses team won 12 of 14 major tournaments over the calendar year starting in June 2013, including the million dollar Call of Duty Championship in March 2014. No player in the game displays the same combination of gun skill and an instinctual ability to understand where his opponents will be as Porter.

Last night, Porter released “Crimsix: The Movie,” a 42-minute long reel of clips from tournament play outlining his career, from his start on Complexity as a fresh Halo-turned-CallofDuty pro, to the end of the dynasty and Porter’s switch to big franchise OpTic Gaming. Don’t mistake the video, cut by experienced montage editor Snipetality, for a highlight reel, though many of the clips showcase some of Porter’s greatest plays. It’s really the story of his career. It just so happens that it’s a career filled with a ridiculous level of play in Call of Duty.

The video starts fast with a lot of clips showing off his ridiculous talent in Black Ops 2, running in chronological order finishing with recent play from Advanced Warfare.

“I wanted to just simply compile everything from the past tournaments and put it in one video. But now this is so much more. This is my gift to you; to all those who love and enjoy watching Call of Duty esports,” reads the video’s dedication from Porter.

Only his former Complexity teammates, Patrick “ACHES” Price and Tyler “Teepee” Polchow, have more major Call of Duty tournament victories than Porter. But the video ends with an ultimatum—Porter is coming fro the number one spot.

If he continues his high level of play, with the other superstar talents surrounding him in OpTic Gaming, he just might do it.