Crimsix rages at Sib for switching weapons in 8s lobby

Things got intense.

Screengrab via Dallas Empire

Professional Call of Duty player Crimsix got frustrated with Atlanta FaZe substitute Sib after the 18-year-old switched weapons during a recent eights match. 

Many professional players participate in eights lobbies when they aren't competing to get more practice with a random group of players. Two captains will usually pick their teams and the games are played using the competitive ruleset. 

Sib and Crimsix were in an eights lobby last night when Sib switched from a submachine gun to an assault rifle during a game on Garrison Hardpoint. Flex players will switch weapons when needed in certain situations or on particular maps and Sib did this to try to help his team win the game. 

Crimsix was upset that Sib did this during the match, though, and claimed that most players don't switch like he did. But Sib explained that he typically uses the weapon he wants, regardless of whether it's the traditional strategy. 

Crimsix further claimed Sib is an "unknown" player and that his eights team at that time was "probably" better than his current Challengers team. The rest of the lobby, which included other pros like Attach, Vivid, and Saints, enjoyed the conflict and intense outburst from Crimsix.

Eights lobbies are typically competitive in nature, but many believe Crimsix let his anger get the best of him. Crimsix, however, is known for his competitive and explosive personality, which likely contributes to his continuous success in professional Call of Duty

Crimsix will compete with the Dallas Empire in the Call of Duty League Opening Weekend hosted by the Atlanta FaZe, which starts on Feb. 11.