CouRage and TimTheTatman fall for Call of Duty: Warzone jump scares

You've been warned.

Image via Activision

The Call of Duty: Warzone “Haunting in Verdansk” event is in full swing and has introduced fun and spooky content to the game.

A new playlist called Zombie Royale drops players into a nighttime version of Verdansk where players turn into zombies when they die. The mode also added random jump scares when opening crates, which has caught a few streamers by surprise. 

CouRage was calling out enemies on the map as he approached a crate today. This process usually is uneventful as players receive loot from the crates and continue with the match. But CouRage wasn’t expecting a creepy jump scare when opening the box and was visibly frightened by the new feature. 

TimTheTatman was playing with CouRage when he encountered the first jump scare but was still unprepared when he opened a crate and was greeted with the terrifying image. Tim also claimed that he wouldn’t loot anymore to avoid encountering another jump scare, but unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid opening crates. 

CouRage also posted highlights from the new Zombie Royale mode and how the new zombie feature is fun and exciting. The intense gameplay and scary effects make it fun for everyone involved, even when you’re killed early in matches. 

The Haunting of Verdansk update has added a scary atmosphere to Warzone that’s perfect for the Halloween season. It’s unclear if other scary secrets are lurking around Verdansk, but players should be careful when exploring just in case.