College CoD, eFuse partner for 2 new tournaments to promote collegiate Call of Duty players

These events aim to help players find a path to professional play.

Image via eFuse

Gaming media platform eFuse is partnering with College CoD, one of the leading competitive organizations for collegiate Call of Duty, to host two tournaments this summer. 

These events will focus on helping collegiate players increase their visibility and go from competing at top collegiate esports programs around the U.S., like the University of Akron, University of Missouri, University of Utah, into a potential professional career. 

Starting with the 2021 College CoD Summer 8’s from July 29 to Aug. 1, eligible players will be able to compete against top talent from around the country on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via As the first of two events, the Summer 8’s will feature a $1,000 prize pool and registration is open from now until the event begins. 

Image via eFuse

The second tournament, the College CoD Summer Open, will run from Aug. 28 to 29 with a $5,000 prize pool and will open registration in mid-August. 

“We’re dedicated to helping gamers get discovered,” eFuse CEO Matthew Benson said. “That’s especially true in the college market where a path to pro is nearly unchartered. By partnering with College CoD, we’re helping tomorrow’s esports stars get the visibility they need today. Can’t wait to see these players go off.”

Both events are open to eligible players who have proof of being full-time students or full-time for the fall 2021 semester. You can learn more about each tournament, the specific registration requirements, and more on the official eFuse website.