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How to win as the defensive team in Call of Duty: WWII's War mode—Operation Griffin

Learn how to prevent the Axis from completing all three of their objectives.
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A lot of Call of Duty players are enjoying WWII's newest game mode, War—and Operation Griffin is an action-packed mission.

War features two different rounds, and each team plays as the offensive and defensive squad. The Axis are the offensive team that tries to complete three tasks as quickly as possible to win the round, while the Allies are the defensive squad that hope to keep the Axis forces from finishing any objectives.

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The Axis win the round if they complete all of their objectives, but the Allies can emerge victorious if they prevent the Axis from finishing just one of their tasks.

Defense seems more difficult than offense on Operation Griffin, but there are several tips and tricks that can help you at least try to hold off the Axis forces. Follow this guide to learn some strategies that can help you prevent the Axis from completing their objectives on Operation Griffin.

Stop the tanks

The first defensive objective on Operation Griffin is to stop the Axis forces from advancing their tanks. The enemy team has four minutes to escort two of their three tanks into your territory.

The most important part of this mission for the defensive team is to make sure to build all of the barricades. Each of the three tank paths have two buildable barricades that can momentarily block the offense's progress. It's essential to build every blockade to buy as much time as you can.

In theory, it's pretty easy to strategically set this up, too. If you have a full team of six, you just need to make each player responsible for building a barricade at the start of the mission. This is often an overlooked part of the map by some defensive teams, so make sure you don't take these barricades for granted.

Once you've built all of the blockades, run back to your base and prepare to fight. Defending these paths is all about adapting to your opponents—you need to react quickly when you determine which tanks they're trying to advance. Communicating with your teammates is key to halting the enemy's progress.

Long range weapons are most useful for defensive teams in this mission, unless you want to use a submachine gun and rush up to the tanks. Snipers and assault rifles are definitely recommended, and the Infantry division can be helpful to give you an additional attachment for your primary weapon.

Protect the fuel

If you're unsuccessful in stopping the enemy's tanks, the next defensive objective on Operation Griffin is to protect your fueling stations. There are two fueling stations, and the Axis forces have four-and-a-half minutes to steal three gallons of gas and bring them back to their tank.

Similar to the first objective, buildable walls are essential to the defensive team's success in this part of the mission. There are two walls that can be built at each site.

We recommend building both walls at B, and building the front wall at A. But for the back wall at A, only build it halfway—this will allow you to get back into the fueling station in case you get overrun, and it provides you with a decent head glitch to protect the gas.

B seems to be much easier to defend than A, and offensive team most likely knows this too. This means you should probably have more people protecting A than B—probably a four-two split if you have a full team-of-six. You can also elect to have three players at A, two at B, and one watching the middle of the map. This person can act as a flex player, and rotate to whichever fueling station needs the most help.

The players inside the fueling stations should use close-quarters weaponry, such as SMGs or shotguns. ARs or snipers will work for anyone watching the middle of the map, or any of the crosses from their tank to one of the stations. If you're inside the fueling stations, you'll definitely want to consider using Hunker or Armored to protect yourself from enemy grenades.

Stop the tank escort

If the offensive team succeeds in stealing your fuel, the final defensive task for Operation Griffin is to protect the bridge and stop the final tank escort. Your opponents have four-and-a-half minutes to accomplish this, but it's a lot easier said than done.

This final phase of the mission is pure chaos, as you'll need to dodge seemingly-endless grenades and tacticals in order to survive. Once again, buildable objects are your friends—and in this case, there are several turrets that you can build to help defend the bridge.

Although this is a hectic objective, the best advice we have to offer is to try to stall them in the first two phases of the escort. Keep them off the bridge as long as possible by contesting the tank escort with SMGs and ARs. If you can prevent the offense from advancing to the bridge for two minutes or longer, you'll greatly increase your chances of winning the game.

If the tank gets about 75 percent of the way through its escort, the mission gets even more chaotic. That's why minimizing the offense's time to finish the mission is crucial to your success—as the clock winds down, the offensive team is more likely to make mistakes that could cost them the match and help you win.

Similar to the second objective on this map, SMGs are good for players fighting up-close and next to the tank, while ARs and snipers are beneficial, especially for the last part of the mission. Armored and Hunker will once again help save your life and protect you from the enemy's inevitable barrage of grenades.

Operation Griffin definitely is an enjoyable War mission, and we highly recommend trying it out. Just remember: If you want to win, play the objective and don't just go for kills. If you're having trouble holding off the Axis forces on this map, try out some of these defensive strategies to see if you can change your luck.

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