Call of Duty: WWII was accidentally launched with double XP activated

On Monday, the game will revert back to the intended amount of experience.

If you thought that you were leveling up a bit too quickly in Call of Duty: WWII, you were right—the game was accidentally launched with double XP active, according to Michael Condrey, the chief operating and development officer of Sledgehammer Games.

The first weekend of double XP in WWII started on Friday, but it turns out that this promotion actually activated triple XP.

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“We launched with 2XP active, unintentionally,” Condrey said. “Everyone was getting 2XP since Nov. 3 and up until we made the playlist change late Thursday night, which effectively launched 3XP. Come Monday, when we turn off the XP bonus, it will effectively revert to what we should have had at launch (aka 1XP).”

This means that players have until 1pm ET on Monday, Nov. 13 to take advantage of the triple XP bonus in multiplayer.

Anyone who has been playing WWII since launch has essentially earned a huge head start in multiplayer. But make sure to rack up as much experience as you can before this error is fixed on Monday.