Call of Duty: Vanguard data miner leaks unreleased operators and skins

New skins might appear soon.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty data miner has found what appears to be multiple unreleased operators, operator skins, and other hints at future crossover events potentially coming to Vanguard.

Call of Duty data miner Nanikos posted an image yesterday of what seems to be swords from Attack on Titan equipped by a Vanguard operator, indicating an Attack on Titan crossover might come to the title. Nanikos also posted images of three operators—Francis, Lewis, and Isabella—that they suspect are coming in Vanguard season one. These characters have reportedly been known since the beta, but these are the first images of them to pop up. 

The data miner also posted images of the gold versions of the three operators, showing players what they can unlock by grinding with the characters equipped. Fans can even take a look at leaked skins for Francis, Constanze, and Lucas, giving the operators unique and exciting visual changes. 

Last week, Nanikos posted information about two additional Zombies objective types that aren’t in the game yet: Domination and Assualt. They also found references to a PTRS-41, indicating the weapon might be coming to Vanguard. Other information indicates potential Valentine’s Day events since references to a cupid have been found. 

Treyarch has not officially revealed any of the leaked content and it’s subject to change. But fans will likely have dozens of new cosmetic items for weapons and operators with the release of Vanguard season one next month.