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Game-breaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug crashes lobbies when using AK-47, grenade launcher, and Fully Loaded perk

Boom. Then crash.

Despite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare appeasing the community’s demand for nostalgic gameplay, bugs and balancing issues have certainly put a damper on an otherwise good first-person shooter. But this latest bug may be the oddest one yet.

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One Modern Warfare player posted the bug on Reddit today, which appears to crash lobbies immediately whenever it’s replicated. The player discovered that equipping the AK-47 with any NVG or thermal sight, an HR grenade launcher, and the Fully Loaded perk could cause fatal errors to the first-person shooter. All players have to do is go prone in-game, switch their gun to the grenade launcher, aim, and shoot.

Dot Esports tested out the bug on PlayStation 4 and found that using an Integral Hybrid optic and GP25 40mm High-explosive underbarrel also simulated the game crash. The optic, or lack of one, doesn’t appear to be a crash factor. But any grenade launcher underbarrel paired with the Fully Loaded perk, which gives a gun maximum starting ammo, seems to cause the error.

The bug is reportedly platform-wide, affecting PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users.

Infinity Ward hasn’t addressed the bug yet. But if it continues to adversely affect matchmaking, it’ll likely be hotfixed immediately.

Update Dec. 6 1:55pm CT: Infinity Ward released a fix for the bug in today’s patch.

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