Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season 5 roadmap reveals new game mode, guns, Zombies content, and the return of Slums

Season five is massive.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players can expect a lot of new content in season five, including the return of iconic multiplayer maps, the new Double Agent mode, and fresh Zombies and Warzone content. 

Season five will introduce the Double Agent game mode, a new “investigative multiplayer experience.” Players are assigned one of three roles: Double Agent, The Investigator, or Operatives. The Double Agent must eliminate everyone else in the lobby or set off the explosive charges around the map to win. The Investigator can use clues to target suspected Double Agents as criminals, while the Operators must work together to identify the Double Agent. 

Each player starts the game with a pistol. Weapons and equipment are introduced in the Preparing Stage, which allows players to grab guns around the map. Each role also gains access to unique skills throughout the round. 

Double Agents can use Gas Mines, Counter Spy Planes, Combat Bows, and Attack Helicopters to their advantage and are immune to the spreading radiation from bombs. Investigators have access to Trophy Systems, Stimshots, and Hand Cannons and see the footprints of an attacker when examining a player’s death location. They can also issue a Wanted Order on suspicious players. 

This game mode supports up to 10 players and can be played with your friends or in a public match. Voice chat is strongly encouraged since players will need to work together to find the Double Agent. 

Image via Activision

Veteran Call of Duty fans can also expect a lot of familiar content in season five. Demolition, the classic game mode where a team attempts to destroy two bombsites, will return later this season. Fans can also expect Slums, Drive-In, and Zoo to return as playable maps in Black Ops Cold War. Slums will be available at the launch of season five, while Drive-In and Zoo will drop in-season.

Season five will introduce two new maps, Showroom and Echelon, which will both be available at the launch of the season. Showroom is exclusively a two-vs-two and three-vs-three map, but Echelon will be available in standard six-vs-six game modes. 

Zombie players can look forward to enjoying a new perk, Field Upgrade, and Support Weapon. Death Perception is a new perk that allows players to see obscured enemies, but its five additional upgrades through its Skill Tiers will be the key to helping your team survive longer. 

The new Tesla Storm Field Upgrade shoots lightning between you and your teammates, stunning and damaging normal enemies. But upgrading this Field Upgrade enables it to damage Special and Elite zombies and boosts your squad’s movement speed. 

Finally, the Flamethrower is a new Support Weapon that delivers significant damage to undead enemies. It’s a “step up from the Combat Bow,” according to Activision, so keep that in mind if you’re struggling against zombies. 

The new Ikari EggXit bonus map will also appear in Dead Ops Arcade 3, and new narrative intel can be found across Outbreak and Onslaught. Speaking of Outbreak, season five introduces a new region, Tank, Grapple Gun, and Intel. 

Players can explore Collateral, the new Outbreak region, which is located in the Algerian desert. This new region also features the new Transport objective, requiring players to escort an important driveable Requiem machine across the Outbreak area. 

Outbreak fans can tear through enemies with the new Tank, equipped with a cannon and minigun. The only setback is the vehicle’s speed, so don’t expect to make a quick getaway. But the new Grapple Gun craftable item does provide an excellent alternative for fast mobility. 

PlayStation players can enjoy the new Echelon map in Onslaught and can also expect another limited-time event later this season. A new Weapon Blueprint and “other surprises” are in the pipeline, too. 

For the first time, Warzone players will get to enjoy two exclusive perks, Combat Scout and Tempered. Combat Scout highlights enemies in bright orange and automatically pings them after shooting them, making it easier to coordinate with teammates. Tempered introduces significant changes to the armor system. Players with the Tempered perk equipped have access to heavier and reinforced armor plates and only need two plates instead of three to be fully armored. This means players will only need two plates to be fully protected, but they’ll sacrifice their second perk slot. 

Warzone is also receiving new points of interest. The Mobile Broadcast Stations will appear in different spots in each match and broadcast a message. Players will need to get closer to them to see what they have to offer. The second new point of interest has yet to be revealed, but it seems like it’ll be a direct response to the new Mobile Broadcast Stations. 

In addition, season five introduces a new Gulag in the form of the classic Black Ops II map Rush. Players will battle in the main speedball arena for a chance to return to the battlefield. Fans unfamiliar with this map should jump into Black Ops Cold War multiplayer to experience it before the new season begins. 

The new Clash game mode drops players into select areas around Verdansk as they battle in a 50-vs-50 environment. The first team to 200 points wins and players have an unlimited amount of respawns. 

Fans have another midseason event on the horizon, too, this time in the form of The Numbers event. Activision says the Red Doors are becoming more unstable and are sending players to locations other than the “main room,” which might indicate doors not leading to where they seem in Warzone. The event will be related to the Mobile Broadcast Stations, so be prepared for a confusing and fun experience. 

Three new Operators are joining the fun in season five, too. Kitsune is a member of the Warsaw Pact and can be seen enabling the numbers broadcast in the season five cinematic. Stryker is a part of NATO and helps Woods escape after Kitsune activates the broadcast. Hudson, a fan favorite with multiple appearances in the Black Ops series, is also coming to Cold War later this season. 

Season five will introduce four new weapons: The EM2 assualt rifle, Tec-9 SMG, Cane melee weapon, and the Marshal break action pistol. Each weapon will be available at launch. Dedicated players can also earn four new Prestige Levels during season five, so get ready to grind. 

Black Ops Cold War season five starts on Aug. 12. Players can expect updates to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone on Aug. 10 and 11 at 12am CT, respectively.