CDL’s first MW3 ruleset features just 6 of 16 maps and a whole lot of restrictions

Let's hope you like watching these maps.

player firing gun in cod mw3
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The Call of Duty League’s first Modern Warfare 3 ruleset has been introduced and it limits the majority of the game, as esports fans have come to know and expect.

While this is the 1.0 ruleset, don’t expect too much of it to change throughout the season or when the MW3 campaign in CDL kicks off next month on Friday, Dec. 8. The limits are not restricted to the official list, either, with more guns part of the “gentlemen’s agreement” (GA) of things to not use in official competition.

A few of the GA’d items include all burst weapons like the FR 5.56 and DG-58, all knives like the Karambit, and the usage of iron sights on any assault rifle, so the official list is truly just the beginning of what’s not allowed in CDL play.

Highrise, Invasion, Karachi, Skidrow, Sub Base, and Terminal are the only maps in this year’s map pool right now. The majority of the maps from MW2 2009 don’t seem to work very well in a competitive setting, especially when it comes to Hardpoint and Control.

“Before anyone in the community tweaks this is just version 1 and something we update,” CDL senior manager of player relations Spencer Peterson said. “We do multiple versions a season and this is a starting off point. We continuously look at restrictions as well as maps when more are introduced into the game.”

All of those Modern Warfare 2 weapons that were brought forward to MW3? Banned. All of MW3’s battle rifles, shotguns, marksman rifles, and LMGs are banned, too. Get ready to see a lot of the MCW and Rival-9 for the next 10 months or so.

Other restrictions include all silencers and suppressors, all thermal and night vision optics, and the majority of tactical grenades, including flash grenades, shock sticks, and the stim.

This vast number of items in the game being restricted is nothing new when it comes to competitive play. The pro players, competitive community, event organizers, and CDL itself come together each year to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be banned.

The CDL season begins in just 18 days with online qualifiers for Major One, which will culminate in a LAN event in Boston in January.


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