Call of Duty World League: ANZ Qualifiers Day 2 Recap

Find the Day 1 recap of the Australia / New Zealand Qualifiers here.

Find the Day 1 recap of the Australia / New Zealand Qualifiers here. 

Congratulations to Plantronics Mindfreak and Immunity Gaming, along with Team Skyfire and Tainted Minds, on qualifying for the Call of Duty World League at the ANZ Qualifiers!


Group A, Match 4: Avidity vs. Citadel Gaming

      • Stronghold Hardpoint: Avidity 249 – Citadel 250

      • Infection Search and Destroy: Avidity 6 – Citadel 1

      • Breach Uplink: Avidity 6 – Citadel 10

      • Fringe Capture the Flag: Avidity 3 – Citadel 0

      • Evac Search and Destroy: Avidity 6 – Citadel 0

Group B, Match 4: Sway Gaming vs. Plantronics Nv

      • Stronghold Hardpoint: Sway 54 – Nv 250

      • Infection Search and Destroy: Sway 0 – Nv 6

      • Breach Uplink: Sway 1 – Nv 15

Group A, Match 5: Plantronics Mindfreak vs. Avidity

      • Evac Hardpoint: Mindfreak 250 – Avidity 71

      • Stronghold Search and Destroy: Mindfreak 6 – Avidity 2

      • Fringe Uplink: Mindfreak 11 – Avidity 2

Group B: Match 5: Immunity Gaming vs. Plantronics Nv

      • Evac Hardpoint: Immunity 250 – Nv 243

      • Stronghold Search and Destroy: Immunity 0 – Nv 6

        • Fringe Uplink: Immunity 5 – Nv 4

        • Breach Capture the Flag: Immunity 5 – Nv 1

The ANZ’s

(A)wesome: Immunity Gaming vs. Plantronics Nv

What an amazing match between the two mid-tiers. These are the matchups that are building excitement for the future of ANZ Call of Duty. I touched on the subject in the Day 1 article, but what this region has been missing is a stable group of mid-table teams to constantly challenge the top teams and keep them at their peak potential. We can hope that at least one more team at this caliber will make it through online qualifiers. Maybe Team 4 Nothing, Trident eSports, or eXcess.iG. Maybe even Avant Garde or Integral Nation if either of them can find a solid 2 to fill their roster. Or better yet . . .

(N)ot (Z)o Awesome: Citadel Gaming

Man, what happened to these guys? The acquisition of Bundo seemed to take the team steps backwards rather than forward. And their SnD game…a 1-12 round count in the last series and letting Hopey drop 18 on them during their match against Skyfire is not something they want to repeat. Citadel honestly didn’t look bad at all during respawn, but definitely have some work to do in SnD.


Wednesday, December 9th, I will be presenting an in-depth preview of your first 4 teams in the CoD World League ANZ region and Sunday, December 13th, a preview and set of predictions will be released over the online qualifiers here exclusively at eSports.Guru.

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